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2011 Suzuki Kizashi Interior

This interior review was created when the car was new. Some links may no longer point to an active page.

The interior of the Kizashi is designed to feel more expensive than its sticker price. Reviewers say the design succeeds, to an extent. Soft-touch surfaces, upscale switchgear and a stylish design draw a lot of comparisons to Volkswagen products -- a real compliment for Suzuki. But buyers will find the Kizashi’s electronics a notch below those in competitors like the Toyota Camry or Ford Fusion. Back-seat space is also a bit tight.

  • "Kizashi's interior has a surprisingly premium feel, thanks to high-grade cabin materials and fine fit and finish." -- Consumer Guide
  • “The interior is superb and a revelation for a brand that's never had a truly desirable small or midsize car. The Kizashi's materials, construction and overall design could easily be confused for a VW's. Past Suzukis have not been known for quality interiors, but the Kizashi completely reverses that trend. Materials are top-notch, everything is well assembled and even the general dash design is reminiscent of those in upscale vehicles like the VW Passat." -- Edmunds
  • "Just settling into the car is a revelation. The interior isn't quite as understated as in a German sport sedan, but it is well executed." -- New York Times
  • "What's impressive here is the high-quality feel of the interior - the materials used on the dashboard and door panels are first-rate, and its overall look certainly climbs a few rungs on the ladder of sophistication." -- Road and Track
  • ­+"Interior materials are of high quality, yet austere and stoic in presentation.” – Washington Post


Most reviewers like the front seats of the Kizashi, particularly with the leather upholstery found on the top-of-the-line SLS trim. The car’s smaller exterior dimensions mean its rear seats are a few inches narrower than those found in many midsize sedans, yet still more spacious than those found in affordable small cars.

  • "Interior comfort is also quite good. Headroom is ample all around and the front seats offer excellent support. The backseat doesn't quite offer the same amount of legroom as its bigger competitors in the midsize segment, however… The Kizashi's slightly smaller backseat could also be a turnoff for people used to the latest supersized sedans like the Accord and Mazda 6." -- Edmunds
  • "A fashionable cabin offers well-cushioned and supportive front and rear seats with ample room to move any and all limbs.” -- Chicago Tribune
  • "The cloth seats look and feel nice, but SLS's leather upholstery brings a more-upscale ambiance." -- Consumer Guide
  • “The front seats don't raise high enough to provide exemplary thigh support." -- Automobile Magazine

Interior Features

Reviewers are impressed that Suzuki has managed to offer some upscale features, like dual-zone climate control, in even the base-level Kizashi. Such features are rare on affordable midsize sedans -- though more expensive trims of competitors like the Toyota Camry and Ford Fusion can match them. Yet writers find the available navigation system a disappointment.

  • “Convenience features like dual-zone climate control and keyless go/entry are standard across the board, while top-level models can have their already-sharp interiors adorned with things like leather, navigation, and a powerful Rockford Fosgate audio system that can stream tunes from your iPod via a Bluetooth connection." -- Automobile Magazine
  • “Gauges are large and easy to read, though some drivers find the steering wheel partially obscures some readouts. Climate control and stereo buttons are easy to reach and use.” -- Consumer Guide
  • "The interior finish and material were decidedly higher end than I had expected." – Grassroots Motorsports


At 13.3 cubic feet, the trunk of the Kizashi is one of the smallest in the midsize car class. Its rear seats do fold forward to increase the available space, but buyers looking for a sporty midsize car with more space may want to look to the Mazda 6 or Ford Fusion.

  • “Trunk is fairly large and usefully shaped, though sickle-shaped hinges intrude slightly on cargo space. The split rear seats fold and have a convenient center pass-through. Interior small-items storage is average.” -- Consumer Guide
  • "The rear seats can also be folded forward, which comes in handy when trying to fit awkwardly sized items in the trunk thanks to the rear suspension's intrusion on either side.” -- Autoblog

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