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2007 Suzuki SX4 Interior

This interior review was written when the 2007 Suzuki SX4 was new.

Reviewers generally see the 2007 Suzuki SX4's five-seat interior as functional and surprisingly upscale for its affordable price point. The Washington Post calls the interior "simple, yet elegant. And it's big enough...to comfortably seat five people."

Reviewers have mixed opinions on cabin noise. Consumer Guide calls it "Class-average at best," and complains the engine is "fairly loud at high rpm [and] remains audible even in gentle cruising." The reviewers finds wind noise "modest," but note the wagon's "open rear area and budget-level sound insulation do little to mask coarse-surface tire thrum." Cars.com, however, is on the other end of the spectrum. Its reviewer says, "The SX4's quiet cabin was another positive I couldn't help but be impressed with. Neither road nor wind noise was ever a problem, and I could hold hushed conversations during highway driving."


With 98.5 cubic feet of interior volume, most reviewers see the SX4's interior space as ample for its relatively small size. The New York Times says, "The cabin is roomy enough for four average-size adults," while Kelley Blue Book notes "reasonably comfortable room for five passengers -- if the rear middle rider is slim." Several reviewers point out the usefulness of the high roof, with Cars.com writing, "There seemed to be an unusual amount of extra head space between the top of my 5-foot, 10-inch frame and the ceiling. I couldn't believe how much headroom there was."

Discussing the front seat specifically, About.com continues that thought, noting, "The SX4 is small, just a tad bigger than a Honda Fit. Not that you'd know it from the inside: The tall roof makes the front seat feel like St. Paul's Cathedral." Consumer Guide also reports "Generous head and leg room" in the front, but finds those seats just "ordinary" for shape and padding. Newsday finds the front bucket seats "firmly supportive," but also adds a complaint registered by a few others: There is no height adjustment for the driver.

The rear seats also get good reviews, though headroom is not as stellar as in the front. Consumer Guide calls the rear bench "Better than expected for this class. Good toe space, with adequate knee and leg room, even with the front seats moved far back. Head clearance OK for six-footers, but squeezes taller folk." Edmunds notes that in the rear, "the SX4 has two more inches of legroom than the Honda [Fit], but the Versa and [Scion] xA offer even more."

One of the only complaints with the rear seat comes from Cars.com, which finds headroom less than ideal: "The backseat is set on top of the cargo floor, which is level with the rear hatch. That means the bottom of the seat is significantly higher than the front seats. This stadium effect limits headroom and makes the backseat as claustrophobic as any subcompact I've tested."

Interior Features

The SX4 comes in two trim levels: the base model and the Sport. Though the Sport adds several interior convenience features, reviewers generally see the base model as "Better-equipped than many compacts in its price range," according to Kelley Blue Book. Cars.com agrees, noting, "The SX4 is another affordable car that can be driven off the lot with no options yet still give the owner a sense that he didn't lose out on anything in the bargain." Standout base features include remote keyless entry and power windows.

Options for the SX4 are few, but include cruise control and a leather-wrapped steering wheel with integrated audio controls. Cars.com recommends only the cruise control -- and even then just "for those who have grown accustomed to it. That comes in a $300 package that also includes steering-wheel-mounted stereo controls and a leather-wrapped steering wheel." The higher-level Sport model comes full-loaded. In fact, the only available option is the automatic transmission. MSN finds it "worth the extra money. It adds traction control, anti-skid system, automatic climate and cruise controls, heated power mirrors, keyless starting, in-dash six-disc CD changer and nine speakers and heated power mirrors."

As for cabin refinement, Edmunds says the SX4 has "one of the best-looking cabins in the segment. It's a simple layout with large, three-dial climate control knobs that sit just below a compact, well-labeled CD stereo. The analog gauges are easy to read, the switchgear feels good and the materials look better than you might expect." Many others are impressed with fit and finish, and Newsday says "materials look and feel like they cost a few bucks."

However, another Edmunds reviewer doesn't like the "bare-bones" interior, commenting "Economical and utilitarian, the Suzuki SX4's interior features plastic knobs and dials but they are easy to use in a refreshingly unfussy center stack." The Orlando Sentinel also mentions "some hints of cheapness in the SX4."

Stereo and Entertainment

The New York Times finds the base four-speaker AM/FM/CD/MP3 and XM-ready stereo "a cinch to master," but notes it's "a little tinny-sounding when the volume is cranked up." Newsday similarly calls the base audio system "average-sounding." An upgraded nine-speaker stereo with a subwoofer and six-disc in-dash CD player is standard on the Sport model. A fully integrated iPod2 interface is available from dealers as an accessory.


The 2007 Suzuki SX4 provides up to 16.2 cubic feet of cargo space with the rear seat in place, 38.1 with the rear seat folded, and 54.3 cubic feet with the rear seat removed. Edmunds praises "Luggage capacity blows away the other players in this field."

With the rear seat up or in use, Consumer Guide finds there's still room for "a half-dozen grocery bags or a few medium-sized duffels." Cars.com similarly notes "With the rear seats still in place, I filled the cargo area with groceries for a week's worth of meal planning." About.com finds the resulting space is "more cargo room than a Ford Explorer SUV." But not everyone is as impressed; the Arizona Republic calls cargo space behind the rear seat "tiny."

With the rear seat folded down, cargo space expands from 16.2 cubic feet to 38.1-- far more than the competition. According to Edmunds, "Honda Fit only offers 21.3 cubic feet and the Nissan Versa a mere 17.8 cubic feet. Mere? OK, that's larger than the average trunk of a car, but come on, these are subcompacts." But folding the rear seats isn't as easy as it sounds. The Arizona Republic says "folding is clumsy and requires the front seats to be moved forward." The Auto Channel finds that the rear seats still "take up quite a bit of room even when folded."

Reviewers say very little about cabin storage, which Consumer Guide calls "useful but not abundant." Edmunds says "There are two front cup holders and several small storage spaces placed here and there."

Review Last Updated: 9/13/07

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