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2007 Toyota Prius Interior

This interior review was written when the 2007 Toyota Prius was new.

The interior of the Toyota Prius receives mostly glowing reviews. With the ability to seat five, and exemplary storage space, the Prius is a good fit for many families and commuters. Still, there are some complaints.


Reviewers have plenty of positive things to say about the seating in the 2007 Toyota Prius. Cars.com feels the seats are "adequately comfortable," and Forbes concurs, saying, "Short and tall drivers should feel equally comfortable behind the wheel." However, the front row of seats isn't perfect. Edmunds says, "Although the front seats are relatively roomy, the driving position in the Prius is somewhat awkward, as the driver seat is not height-adjustable and the steering wheel does not telescope."

Occupants sitting in the back now have more head, leg, and shoulder room than in previous models, leading many reviewers to call the interior roomy. New Car Test Drive notes, "The seats are comfortable for commutes and short weekend trips. Their forte is not the multi-hour, multi-state drive." The Prius has space for five, but many reviewers suggest that the person in the middle of the back seat should be what MSN calls a "slim occupant." With regard to the interior feel of the hybrid sedan, they add, "The cloth upholstery looks durable and is grippy, compensating somewhat for the minimalist bottom and back side bolsters."

Interior Features

Of particular note is the placement and visibility of the gauges on the dashboard. The climate controls are managed via an LCD screen positioned at the top of the center stack. This same panel displays user preferences, and maintenance needs and intervals, as well as showing the driver how the power is being used at any given moment. The Auto Channel says, "The animated graphic representation of how the power plant is performing (accessed on the center console LCD screen) is fascinating to watch and play with," whereas Forbes calls it "distracting." MSN notes that "the midday sun can, at times, wash out how visible they are."

A split rear window is another feature that receives less-than-exemplary reviews. Cars.com feels the solid bar across the back glass "impairs rearward visibility." The Auto Channel agrees, but also suggests that "an actual owner would get accustomed to it in short order."

Most experts feel the standard features of the 2007 Toyota Prius are some of the sedan's best assets. Automobile Magazine reports that "it's remarkably well equipped for a midsize car, with many standard features that are either optional or unavailable on comparably priced competitive vehicles." Standard features include cloth seating, micron-filter air-conditioning, power windows, power door locks, remote keyless entry, and cruise control. The optional navigation system comes equipped with Bluetooth technology, which allows drivers to interface a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone to use the speakers and microphones for hands-free calling.

Stereo and Entertainment

Most experts feel the entertainment system on the 2007 Prius is adequate, but not groundbreaking compared to other cars in this class. The sedan comes standard with a base AM/FM/CD six-speaker sound system. Auto Mall USA calls it "quite capable," adding kudos for key placement of the stereo's most-used functions and for its "buttons and knobs that are easy to see, read and use."


Reviewers agree that thanks to 14.4 cubic feet of cargo space, up from 11.8 cubic feet in last year's Prius, the interior of the 2007 Toyota Prius hatchback is great for families. Kelley Blue Book reports that "the big rear hatch opening can swallow a 25-inch TV with no problem." And, Edmunds says that "the 14.4-cubic-foot rear hatch can accommodate a week's worth of groceries or a double stroller." New Car Test Drive notes the smaller cargo spaces, saying, "The glove box is a two-parter, with an upper and lower bin opening like a clamshell." There is an unexpected, slightly hidden storage bin below the stereo, door-mounted map pockets, and expandable magazine holders stitched to the back of the front seats.

Review Last Updated: 5/4/08

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