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2008 Toyota Tacoma Review

This review was written when the 2008 Toyota Tacoma was new.

The 2008 Toyota Tacoma combines the practicality of a truck with the interior comfort and safety of a car, earning it a place among the best in the class.

The 2008 Toyota Tacoma, last redesigned in 2005, gets positive reviews and a high overall score for its refined powertrain options, off-road performance, aggressive looks, and its versatile cab and bed combinations.  The Tacoma has long been an award-winning car, including recognition from J.D. Power as the "Best Midsize Pickup in Initial Quality" for 2007. Automotive.com says, "The Toyota Tacoma may be the best pickup in its class. And that's saying a lot, because the entire class is outstanding."  

Despite the overwhelming praise, reviewers think the Tacoma's truck-like ride detracts from its overall ride quality -- something that led to the Tacoma placing third out of five in a Car and Driver comparison.  And although the Tacoma Double Cab has comfortable rear seating for three, the rear seats in the Access cab are almost universally disliked by reviewers. However, the Tacoma gets high marks for a simple interior design with a long list of standard convenience features and car-like amenities that people just entering the truck market may appreciate.  All buyers will likely appreciate the Tacoma's gas mileage, which is among the best in the class. 

  • "The Toyota Tacoma may be the best pickup in its class." --Automotive.com
  • "Taken as a whole, this truck has a lot to offer: power, off-road abilities, comfort and convenience-everything you'd want in a work truck, even if you just work hard at playing."-- AutoWeek
  • "Tacomas have such a strong reputation for quality and reliability that late-model used ones often sell for almost as much as new vehicles." -- BusinessWeek
  • "Still, the Tacoma's a refined piece with lots of 'truck‘ baked in. The problem is that there's simply too much truck where we don't want it." -- Car and Driver
  • "The Toyota Tacoma, it turns out, conquers traffic as well as the trail. ... Add a crew cab -- sedanlike seating for five or six -- and you may wonder, why bother with a car or SUV?"-- U.S. News
Review Last Updated: 3/11/09

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