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2010 Toyota Tundra Review

This review was written when the 2010 Toyota Tundra was new.

The Toyota Tundra is a solid truck, but with competitors offering fresher designs and innovative features, it finds itself struggling in a very competitive class.

Reviewers say the Tundra's biggest flaw is that it's as good as, but no better than its competition -- especially since the competition has been recently redesigned. In 2009, Ford introduced a redesigned F-150 and Dodge redesigned the Ram.  In both cases, the redesigns incorporated innovative features, like Ford's SYNC system and the Ram's coil-spring suspension.  When compared to the very latest that the market has to offer, several reviewers say the Tundra doesn't look as good as it once did. 

Several reviewers say the Tundra's ride is bouncy when compared to the F-150 and the Ram, while others say that the interior features that buyers can opt for on other trucks isn't available on the Tundra.  Still, the consensus seems to be that though the Tundra is outclassed by newer trucks in some areas, like most full-size pickups, it is still an excellent all-around choice.

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Other Trucks to Consider

If you're shopping for a full size pickup but not convinced of the Tundra's qualifications, consider the class leaders, the Chevy Silverado or Ford F-150.  Both have better fuel economy than the Tundra and have base prices about $2,000 less than the Tundra's.

Details: Toyota Tundra

For 2010, Toyota has refreshed the Tundra to help it stay with the pack. A new 4.6 liter V8 base engine has increased fuel efficiency and horsepower, while the optional 5.7 liter V8 remains the same.  As many trucks for competitors start to be outfitted like luxury vehicles, Toyota has kept up by adding the Platinum Package to CrewMax Limited Tundras.  This package includes upscale features like heated and cooled seats, as well as higher-end exterior touches. The Tundra is available with a Regular, Double and CrewMax cab.

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  • "Finally, a Toyota truck with no excuses. And it sure won't need any." -- Car and Driver
  • "It's big, it's powerful, and it promises more potency than a Viagra commercial." -- Detroit News
  • "The current Toyota Tundra, which came onto the scene in 2007 fresh from a redesign, matches or beats domestic full-size pickups when it comes to size, performance and price." -- Kelley Blue Book
  • "It's exactly what I thought it would be: a half-earnest, half-mocking tribute to the American pickup truck, bigger and saccharine-sweeter than its competitors, with major-league engineering...and focus-group features galore, including half a dozen of the biggest cup holders this side of the NFL." -- Los Angeles Times
  • "The new trucks from Dodge and Ford are impressive, but so are the GM full-sizers -- and don't forget about Nissan's Titan, which still holds appeal for buyers who don't require a wide range of body styles and options. Nonetheless, the 2009 Toyota Tundra remains a well-built and thoroughly competent truck. Make sure it's on your to-drive list if you're shopping for one of these beasts of burden." -- Edmunds
Review Last Updated: 7/28/10

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