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2008 Toyota Yaris Review

This review was written when the 2008 Toyota Yaris was new.

The Yaris is a fuel-efficient budget car. It delivers a pleasant drive with good storage space and the Toyota reputation for quality, but doesn't match the performance or upscale design and features of other small cars or hatchbacks

Where the Yaris excels is in value. Its sub-$15,000 price tag is a major draw for car shoppers, as is fuel economy that rivals many hybrid cars. Along with the Honda Fit and new Toyota Corolla, the Yaris rewards car shoppers who want to minimize the impact of skyrocketing gas prices on their wallets. Recent car sales reveal that shoppers are aware of those awards, as Yaris sales have increased by 20.5 percent since the summer of 2007, the Detroit Free Press reports.  With the popularity of the Yaris, Toyota can afford to **not** offer any car deals for this model, but does for the Corolla and Camry.

The Toyota Yaris is undoubtedly an improvement over its subcompact predecessor, the Echo. However, despite its European-based design, increased storage space and roomier interior, the 2008 Yaris lacks the refinement and driving performance now expected of even budget-class cars. The 2008 Toyota Yaris was a new model last year, and as such is virtually unchanged. It comes in either a liftback (Yaris-speak for hatchback), or two trims of a sedan.

  • "A surprisingly routine and summarily undelightful B-class subcompact that feels as mailed-in as if it had a stamp on it." -- Los Angeles Times
  • "Toyota's reputation for quality and reliability will help sell the Yaris, which has the style, economy and utility to be a strong contender." -- Chicago Sun-Times
  • "This is an urban/suburban/go-to-the store car. And that's not a bad thing." Boston Globe
  • "The Yaris felt fully up to the task of every day urban life. It has good interior room and utility, drives nicely and there's just enough power to keep complaining to a minimum." -- AutoWeek
  • "Throw some sixteens on the car along with performance springs, dampers, and engine mods, and you'd have yourself a peppy little econobox. Or you could just buy a Honda Civic coming off lease." -- Automobile Magazine
Review Last Updated: 2/17/09

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