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MPG: 21 City / 29 Hwy
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2012 Volvo C30 Review

Review Last Updated: 10/10/13

These scores and this review are from when the car was new.

With a small trunk and a classy glass hatch, reviewers don't think the 2012 Volvo C30 is a utilitarian hatchback, but it’s definitely attractive.

Test drivers say that hands down, the 2012 Volvo C30 is the most attractive model in the class thanks to its retro-inspired glass hatch. But other than that, there’s little about the C30 that impresses reviewers. Its turbocharged engine is powerful enough to satisfy most drivers, but less expensive hatchbacks, like the Volkswagen GTI, are a lot more inspiring than the C30. Inside, the C30 is well-equipped with standard features like Bluetooth, a USB port and HD radio, but what disappoints critics most is the C30’s small cargo area and tight rear seats.

With little utility and a cramped second row, reviewers find that the 2012 Volvo C30 is designed for shoppers who want an attractive small car that handles weekly commutes with ease.

Other Cars to Consider:

The Volkswagen GTI is less expensive than the Volvo C30, and it has more cargo space, more comfortable rear seats and is one of the most powerful upscale small cars on the market. With the GTI, however, you will have to sacrifice the C30’s sophisticated glass hatchback in exchange for more power and more space.

The Audi A3 is more expensive than both the GTI and the C30, but it is also one of the more practical models in the class. Though the rear seats will be tight for adults, the A3 has a lot of cargo space. It’s also available with a diesel engine that gives the Audi A3 some of the highest fuel economy ratings in the class, but manages to preserve its fun-to-drive reputation.

Details: Volvo C30

The 2012 Volvo C30 is available in two trims: T5 and R-Design. This year, the C30 gets new premier plus and platinum packages. 

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  • "Volvo's entry-level hatchback is easy to live with and feels ‘Euro premium.’" -- Consumer Guide
  • "More ‘premium hatch’ than ‘hot hatch,’ this upscale, well-mannered Volvo will never make you regret choosing it as a daily driver." -- Edmunds
  • "It might not be as Teutonically-sophisticated as the GTI, but we had an absolute blast bombing around in our little white test car during our evaluation." -- Left Lane News
  • "If you're sold on the C30 and want the added looks of the R-Design, you might be able to justify the extra cost from a Scandinavian-design point of view - it’ll nicely complement your IKEA-filled apartment. But we’ll take the less expensive and more satisfying GTI." -- Car and Driver

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