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MPG: 18 City / 27 Hwy
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2008 Volvo C70 Review

This review was written when the 2008 Volvo C70 was new.

The C70 is a safe, attractive and fun convertible. With a hard-top and the Volvo name, the C70 also offers premium safety features that are competitive for the midsize class. Compared to other luxury convertibles, the C70 lags somewhat in power.

The 2008 Volvo C70 is a fun ride with premium handling and class-leading safety. The C70 is attractive, inside and out. The retractable hardtop adds convenience, style, and it functions easily. The Auto Channel reports that "Volvo is a confident player in the upscale market, and it shows [in] the C70's style, execution of the design, and in the vehicle's performance characteristics." The C70 is also comfortable, with a roomy front seat and class-competitive cargo space.

C70 sales have been trailing off in 2008.  As gas prices rise, many consumers have lost interest in convertibles, plus the C70 comes for a hefty price tag compared to other upscale midsize cars. Plus, the C70's 18/17 MPG rating is competitive, but doesn't best the top luxury convertibles.

  • "Retractable hardtops are usually found in high-end cars, and while the C70's…base price isn't cheap, it is lower than other retractables such as the Lexus SC 430 and Mercedes-Benz SL."  -- Kansas City Star
  • "Auto enthusiasts have for the most part ignored Volvo over the years, opting for more flashy European luxury brands such as BMW, Jaguar and Mercedes-Benz.  With the C70, though, Volvo has something to offer car buffs looking for some excitement in their vehicle's styling and performance."  -- Fort Worth Star-Telegram
  • "This solid-topped, shudder-free convertible has put the bad cowls out to pasture. It prances down the roadway like a thoroughbred." -- Boston Globe
  • "We found the C70 to be an excellent highway cruiser, smooth and steady at high speeds, quiet with the steel top up. Its stereo sounds superb. The C70 feels like a sports car. It has a solid feel and strikes an appropriate balance of responsive handling with a smooth, well-controlled ride quality and fade-resistant brakes."  -- New Car Test Drive
  • "The new, stylish C70 convertible is yet another step in Volvo's rebirth as a racier, more vibrant brand. …  The C70 injects Volvo with verve after several decades of staidness." -- Forbes
Review Last Updated: 7/31/08

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