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2010 Volvo C70 Interior

This interior review was created when the car was new. Some links may no longer point to an active page.

The cabin of the 2010 C70 is stylish, with a contemporary design aesthetic capped off by a ribbon-thin waterfall console. It offers class-competitive electronics and soft-touch surfaces, plus supportive seats that win a lot of reviewer praise. Auto writers disagree over whether the back seat is large enough to be practical, but that is a mark in the Volvo’s favor – no one would pretend that the back seats of the Infiniti G37 convertible are usable on a regular basis.

  • "The cabin is solidly assembled with high-quality materials." -- Consumer Guide
  • "The C70's cabin is anchored by Volvo's signature ‘waterfall’ center stack, which is slightly angled so the main controls are closer at hand. The controls used to access stereo, Bluetooth and navigation functions are clunky and not intuitive, but Volvo's trademark "reclining man" climate controls are virtually idiot-proof…Overall, the cabin isn't as rich as others in this class." -- Edmunds
  • "Volvo made the C70 the class leader in front and rear legroom, front headroom, rear shoulder room and trunk capacity." -- AutoWeek


The front seats of the Volvo C70 are some of the best on the automotive market. The same seats are found in every Volvo, and critics say they are highly adjustable and very supportive. Reviewers tend to praise them in every Volvo, and this one is no different.

The rear seats, however, are a different story. Technically, they are spacious for a two-door convertible. The C70 offers more rear legroom than a BMW 3-Series convertible or an Infiniti G37 droptop. That doesn’t mean they’re useful, however. Reviewers often say they are suitable only for children or small adults. For those who need room for four in a drop-top, however, the C70’s meager rear-seat accommodations are the best you’ll find. 

  • "C70 has adult-size room on comfortable, supportive seats. Many seat and steering-wheel adjustments make it easy to find a comfortable driving stance. Airy roof styling furnishes better-than-average top-up visibility." -- Consumer Guide
  • “Most people will find the C70's front seats comfortable, and a button on each backrest slides the seats forward for easier access to the rear seats. Rear legroom isn't expansive, but compared to most other luxury convertibles, the C70 actually provides decent room for children or small adults.” -- Edmunds
  • "Seats an orthopedist can love, simple functionality and lushness somewhere between premium and luxury." -- Cars.com
  • "Anyone can appreciate the C70's comfy front seats." -- Car and Driver
  • "There really is room for two adults in the back seat." -- MSN

Interior Features

Volvo interiors are known for thoughtful design and clean styling. The C70 fits that description well.  Reviewers say its interior materials are appropriate for the price range, and its controls strike most as intuitive, although an occasional reviewer has trouble with them, so you might want to pay careful attention on the test drive to be certain you are comfortable with Volvo’s unique button layout, which relies on diagrams and buttons more than on the dials common to most cars.

Some complain that the standard stereo is cheap – shoppers should consider upgrading to the available Dynaudio open-air stereo, part of the Multimedia package. We should note, however, that the Infiniti G37 convertible also offers an exemplary open-air stereo. 

  • “Confusing audio/Bluetooth/navigation controls,” but, “The optional Dynaudio system…is one of the best-sounding open-air audio experiences available from any automaker.” -- Edmunds
  • "The gauges are large and legible, but LCD climate and audio displays lack contrast, causing them to wash out in certain light conditions. C70's stereo panel is handy, but climate controls below can be blocked by the manual shift lever--and accidentally changed by some testers while shifting." -- Consumer Guide
  • "Nothing hints of cheapness in here." -- Cars.com
  • "It's easy to achieve a sense of serenity in the C70 thanks to typical Volvo attention to comfort. It's not a bad place to spend a bit of time." -- About.com


All hardtop convertibles have a problem when it comes to trunk space. Their three-piece retractable hardtops, when folded, take up most of the available trunk space. The same is true of the C70. Reviewers often say it is the class leader in trunk space, but shoppers should be aware that such terms are relative. It offers marginally more usable space than most competitors, but no hardtop convertible offers a practical trunk. When its top is in place, it offers more storage space than the Lexus IS or Infiniti G37 convertibles.

  • “Lowering the top cuts ample trunk space in half, though a couple golf bags or medium suitcases still fit. Lockable interior bins enhance top-down security, but small-item storage is poor. The door map pockets barely hold standard gas-station maps." -- Consumer Guide
  • “With the top up, trunk capacity is a generous 12.8 cubic feet, though with the top down it drops to less than half of that at 6 cubes. A button in the trunk activates the C70's standard Load Assist feature that lifts the compacted roof assembly a few inches to create a bit more space for small items.  In total, the C70 is more cargo-friendly than its retractable-hardtop rivals.” -- Edmunds