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2008 Volvo S80 Interior

This interior review was written when the 2008 Volvo S80 was new.

The S80's interior is widely praised for its simple, practical layout, comfortable seating, and luxurious spacious cabin space. Some complain, however, of a noisier cabin and smaller trunk than other luxury sedans.

Overall, Edmunds says, "Volvo has managed to transfer the essence of Scandinavian luxury into the S80's interior," and adds that the S80 "boasts some of the industry's most supportive seats and top-rated factory audio systems."

The interior of the S80 is seen as one of the highlights of the vehicle, and on balance it is one of the overall best interiors in its class. The Boston Globe cites the interior as a "superb blend of functional cockpit and luxurious cruiser." The cabin is "spacious," according to Kelley Blue Book, and can easily accommodate five.

Looking at the dash and controls, many test drivers were pleased with the layout and simplicity.  Car and Driver cites its "logical neatness", as if the car is priding itself on "being a sensible Swede." Newsday agrees, finding the simplicity of the dash to be refreshing, calling it "no mystery." AutoWeek, however, calls the dash and center console "a proverbial Christmas tree" with all its lights, but then adds that it is "handsome," "pretty," and "well-done." Car and Driver agrees, calling the S80 interior "simple yet elegant," with "attractive and striking" switchgear and controls." Edmunds comments that although the S80 cabin "has all the expected amenities, it lacks the unrestrained elegance and exacting quality of competitors' interiors."

A number of test drivers did comment on the wind and road noise that works its way into the passenger compartment. Motor Trend cites the "excessive road noise for a luxury car," while Automotive.com is not quite so critical, observing "at cruising speeds, the cabin is quiet, with a bit of wind noise off the tires and a bit of tire noise coming in." But not all reviewers agree, and some found the cabin to be quite. Edmunds, for example, calls the S80 cabin both "peaceful" and "serene."


On balance, the seating in the S80 is seen as exceptionally comfortable, especially in the front, though the back seat is seen by many as a little cramped for the class.  The Chicago Tribune calls the seats "superb, with hip and torso bolstering that does not intrude during easy driving and yet manages to hold occupants firmly under aggressive driving conditions." Automotive.com adds to the praise, calling the S80 interior "sumptuous...amplified by wonderfully comfortable seats and the extra front and rear legroom that Volvo hopes will help put the new car squarely into the luxury class."

The rear seat is seen by most as somewhat cramped and small for the class. Autobytel notes, "Rear seat comfort is not as impressive. Leg space is tight for a car in this class, and the sleek roofline makes it harder to get in and out", while Consumer Guide gives a "below average score in rear seats." Giving a different perspective, The Orlando Sentinel states that the interior may be comfortable, but the view is restricted, "typical of Volvo's dedication to safety, the front seats have huge, nonadjustable headrests that are about all the rear-seat passenger can see." In addition, the center console between the two front seats is "large", limiting "room to roam." However, not all critics agree, with Motor Trend reflecting the opinion of some, claiming it has "loads of rear leg- and headroom."

Interior Features

The S80 3.2-liter and V8 house audio remote controls in the steering wheel and a high performance audio system with 8 speakers, in-dash 6 CD changer and MP3 and WMA capability. The S80 V8 comes standard with electronic parking brake, with automatic release and an interior air quality system with humidity sensor.

Stereo and Entertainment

The S80 receives reviewer praise for its tech features, capability and layout, though the sound performance was not widely praised. The choice of audio sources, according to CNET, is not disappointing, with a six disc in-dash CD changer, which reads MP3s, CDs and houses an additional auxiliary input jack. In addition, the S80 is equipped for satellite radio. CNET was impressed, and they found the radio interface cleverly designed for ease of use. The system, using a standard radio layout, keeps the interface simple but can be occasionally problematic for MP3s or for finding a particular song on a CD. The S80 interior is "tech-savvy", says The Auto Channel, letting you plug in and play both iPods and MP3 players. In addition, the S80 is Bluetooth friendly, and allows you to display phone text messages on the car's information display.

The S80 comes equipped with a high performance audio system with 8 speakers, a 6-CD in-dash changer and MP3 and WMA capability. And although the system may be attractive, according to auto reviewers it is lacking refined sound and is in need of improvement. CNET cites the S80 stereo as "unimpressive," barely projecting sound to the rear-seat. An optional feature for the S80 which is worth considering is the Premium Sound System.


The S80 cargo space, according to auto reviewers, is adequate but not truly competitive in its class. With a small trunk lacking depth and height, Cars.com says that no more than two full-size golf bags could fit without folding the rear seat down. The Orlando Sentinel observes the S80 trunk to be "deep" but not very high, while Motor Week calls the interior "versatile" with folding seatbacks and a pass through to a sizable trunk.

Review Last Updated: 7/10/08

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