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Used Car: 2011 Volvo S80 Review

Review Last Updated: 7/26/12

The 2011 Volvo S80 won the U.S. News 2011 Best Luxury Large Car for Families award because it offers a comfortable ride and outstanding safety scores. However, its unexciting driving dynamics in a segment with sporty options limit the S80’s appeal.

The 2011 Volvo S80 is ranked:

When it was new, reviewers found that the 2011 Volvo S80 had an underpowered base engine and lacked the sportiness of some rivals. Still, the S80 provides a comfortable ride and excellent safety scores, so if you’re seeking a safe commuter car or family sedan, the S80 is a solid choice. For 2011, Volvo decided to discontinue its V8 model and only offer V6 models, including a turbocharged V6. Test drivers thought that the S80’s engines offered adequate power, but compared to cars that emphasize performance, the S80 simply doesn’t stack up. Even though some reviewers felt that the S80 had competent handling, most thought it lags behind much of the competition. The S80 has a good reliability score, which is common for its class.

When it was new, auto critics liked the S80’s stylish interior, but were split on how the interior quality compared to other cars. Some test drivers believed that the S80 lacks the upscale feel that competitors offered, whereas others thought the interior is well-appointed. They were impressed with the comfort and support of the S80’s front seats, plus they thought that the back-seat legroom was adequate. They also noted that the S80 has a small trunk that’s oddly shaped, making loading cargo difficult. In addition, they said the controls in the S80 were intuitive, but the available navigation was complicated to use.

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If you’re considering the S80, you should take a look at the 2011 Lexus GS. With the GS, you gain better performance and reliability over the S80, though you’ll sacrifice interior comfort. The base GS has more power than the S80’s base model and gets comparable fuel economy.

If you’re looking at the S80, you should also consider the 2011 Hyundai Genesis. When it was new, reviewers were impressed with the Genesis’ performance and interior quality, which both edge out the S80. In addition, the Genesis has more cargo space and a slightly better reliability rating. Both cars have comparable fuel economy and safety scores.

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