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Suzuki Kizashi

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make us like a car. Take the Suzuki Kizashi, for example. It’s one of the more divisive cars on the market.  Some reviewers love its value pricing and sporty performance, while other complain that Suzuki overreached, and the Kizashi isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. While the Kizashi doesn’t have the nicest interior in the class, it was at least thoughtfully laid out. I liked that the USB ... continue reading»

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Nissan 370Z Roadster vs. BMW Z4

If I told you that a new BMW would cost you less than a comparably-equipped Nissan, would you believe me? Sure, that’s a statement that can’t even come close to being made across BMW’s model line, but it applies if you’re currently shopping leases on a two-seat convertible. And really, who doesn’t want to bask in the sun now that it’s the unofficial start of summer? Nissan lease deals vary by region, but if ... continue reading»

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Is Going Green Worth It? Hybrids vs. Conventional Models

It’s a question we get a lot here at U.S. News Cars. Given that hybrids and other green cars often cost more than their gas-only counterparts, does it make financial sense to buy one? The answer depends on which cars you’re comparing. Car Price EPA-Estimated Annual Fuel Costs Better Deal? 2012 Honda Civic Sedan EX $20,505 $1,917 Civic saves $3,545 at dealership; would take over six years to match that in gas savings 2012 ... continue reading»

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Best Car Deals for Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is historically when dealers promote sales and discounts. But with increased prices and limited inventory on fuel-efficient new cars and automakers spending less on incentives, shoppers will have to look a little harder to find the best deals this holiday weekend. Despite this, there are still interest-free financing deals, lease deals and cash back incentives being offered by several automakers. Chevrolet is offering zero-percent financing on several of its cars, trucks and SUVs. The 2011 Chevrolet Silverado ... continue reading»

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How Much Truck Do You Really Need?

Since it’s a holiday weekend, lots of people will be putting their boats back in the water after a long winter of waiting. But do you really need that burly pickup to tow your boat or Jet Ski? A 2011 Kawasaki 800 SX-R Jet Ski weighs 396.9 pounds with a full tank of gas and all its fluids, and a typical trailer made to carry two Jet Skis weighs about 365 pounds. Altogether, the trailer, two Jet Skis ... continue reading»

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