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BMW Introduces ActiveHybrid 5

BMW announced Thursday it will sell a hybrid version of its 5-Series. The 2012 ActiveHybrid 5 is based on the gas-only 535i and is expected to hit U.S. dealerships in March 2012. BMW’s introduction of the ActiveHybrid 5 comes just a week after the automaker announced it is discontinuing the ActiveHybrid X6 SUV. Automotive journalists speculated that the ActiveHybrid X6’s high price and low fuel economy estimates may be the main reasons why BMW decided to pull ... continue reading»

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GM Unveils New Center Airbag

General Motors announced Thursday that it will put the automotive industry’s first front center airbag in some of its vehicles starting with the 2013 model year. The front center airbag will inflate in between the driver and front passenger to protect them in a side-impact crash. GM says the new front center airbag is mostly designed to protect the person sitting on the side of the vehicle that is not hit, because without the airbag, that person’s head ... continue reading»

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Lower Death Rates in Crashes Involving Cars and SUVs

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety announced that occupants in minivans and cars are less likely to die in an accident with SUVs and trucks. The IIHS says better crash protection, such as side airbags and stronger structures in minivans and cars, and improved designs in SUVs and trucks, have contributed to the decrease. The IIHS compared vehicles that were one to four years old in 2000 and 2001 and vehicles that were one to four years old in 2008 ... continue reading»

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Obama Administration Delays CAFE Standards

The Obama Administration will not meet its September deadline for releasing its 2025 Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards. The new deadline is mid-November of this year. CAFE is a national effort to increase fleet-wide vehicle fuel-economy averages to 54.5 mpg by 2025. The Environmental Protection Agency announced the delay in a statement, citing more “coordination with California” and “car companies” as the reason for the holdup, according to the Detroit Free Press. The New York Times indicates that ... continue reading»

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FIAT Supports Cancer Research with 500 Pink Ribbon Edition

Chrysler announced its partnership with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation Tuesday by introducing the limited-edition FIAT 500 Pink Ribbon. “Just 250 units of the FIAT 500 Pink Ribbon will be built,” notes Inside Line. “The vehicle is priced at $22,500, including a $500 destination charge. Fiat will donate $1,000 per purchase to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.” That’s a $3,000 price increase over the comparably-equipped FIAT 500 in Lounge trim, but the Pink Ribbon also adds ... continue reading»

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