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Goodyear Announces Tire Recall

Goodyear is recalling about 41,000 tires that could wear out early. According to the Detroit Free Press, the tire’s tread could separate from the rest of the rubber, which can decrease handling and cause an accident.  If you’re buying a used truck, van or SUV in the near future, you should check the type of tires on the vehicle before you seal the deal. Buying a used car with recalled tires is dangerous, and this recall is ... continue reading»

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Best Midsize Car Deals for February

If you’re heading to the dealership this weekend and are looking to get a good deal on a new midsize car, we’ve compiled a list of February’s best car incentives on midsize cars to help you save some money. Be sure to get to the dealer no later than next Wednesday, since most of the February incentives expire then. Car deals this month are not as good as last month, since many dealers have cleared their remaining ... continue reading»

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Things to Consider if Gas Prices Continue to Increase

Earlier this month, we told you about the prospects of gasoline reaching $4 a gallon this summer, and perhaps even as high as $4.60 in major metropolitan areas. A couple weeks ago, the AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report listed the national average price for a gallon of regular gasoline at $3.48. The average price today is $3.64 a gallon. While no analyst is certain how high the price will climb, the $4 threshold is quickly approaching. In ... continue reading»

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Honda Recalls Honda Pilot and Acura MDX Models

Honda Motor Co. is recalling Honda Pilot and Acura MDX SUVs from the 2012 model year for a potential fuel-tank leak. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says a vent shut float valve in the gas tank “does not meet design specifications.” As a result, fuel could leak from the gas tank, which increases the risk of a vehicle fire. NHTSA says that 8,709 vehicles are included in the recall, which will begin around March 13. Following inspection, Honda ... continue reading»

NHTSA Updates Child Seat Standards to Accommodate Older, Heavier Kids

The federal government’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration developed a new 10-year-old child test dummy to better evaluate child safety seats for older children. NHTSA’s updated child seat regulations include requirements for kids who weigh more than 65 pounds, and stress that children remain in booster seats until the seat belt fits them properly. Currently, NHTSA has dummies that represent kids who are 6-years-old and younger. The new dummy fills in the gap for older, heavier children. "The ... continue reading»

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