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2014 Corvette Stings with 460 Horsepower

2014 Corvette Stingray Convertible Lead-footed drivers have yet another car to add to their wish list. On Tuesday, Chevrolet announced the official power figures for the 2014 Corvette Stingray in a press release. The Corvette’s 6.2-liter V8, called LT1, produces 455 horsepower and 460 pound-feet of torque. An optional performance exhaust system raises output to 460 horsepower and 465 pound-feet of torque. By comparison, the 2013 Corvette produces 430 horsepower (436 with the optional performance exhaust) and 424 pound-feet of torque (428 ... continue reading»

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QR Codes on Mercedes-Benz Vehicles Can Help Save Crash Victims

Mercedes-Benz Daimler AG, the parent company of Mercedes-Benz, announced that it will be putting two QR codes on new Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The QR codes will be there to help emergency workers view rescue sheets, which show the best way to get occupants out of a crashed vehicle safely. A QR code is commonly used so consumers can bring up a specific website on their smartphone or tablet without having to type in that web address. In this case, after taking a ... continue reading»

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Are Mitsubishi and Volvo on the Way Out?

2013 Volvo S60 A new report predicts that Mitsubishi and Volvo are among 10 brands that will disappear from the U.S. marketplace before 2014. “Car sales are growing in the United States, but brands with market shares under half a percent cannot compete with companies that either produce high-luxury models like Mercedes-Benz or multiline giants like General Motors,” says 24/7 Wall St. The financial news site surmises that Mitsubishi and Volvo will stop selling vehicles in the U.S., much like ... continue reading»

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Diesels Save Fuel, But Do they Save Money?

85 percent of Jetta Sportwagen sales ar Diesel-powered cars have a reputation for being loud, smelly and slow, but they also get very good highway fuel economy. However, just because diesels save fuel doesn't mean they always save their owners money. According to the Diesel Technology Forum, a non-profit that raises awareness of diesel engines,  diesel car registrations increased 24.3 percent between 2010 and 2012, even though car registrations overall only increased 2.75 percent during that time. USA Today writes, "Every time we've ... continue reading»

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Volkswagen Will Alter Diesel Models to Avoid Misfueling

2012 Volkswagen Golf TDI Volkswagen is retrofitting about 260,000 diesel models in North America with a special fuel filler neck cap to help keep owners of diesel-powered models from accidently refueling with regular gasoline. The cap will shrink the diameter of the fuel neck and thus prevent gasoline pump nozzles from fitting into the fuel neck of a diesel vehicle. Automotive News (subscription required) learned of the service action through a memo that was sent to Volkswagen dealers. The service action applies to ... continue reading»

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