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GM Exploring Mass-Market Appeal of New Fuels with 2015 Chevrolet Impala

2015 bi-fuel Chevrolet Impala A 2015 Chevrolet Impala that can run on either compressed natural gas (CNG) or gasoline will hit your local Chevrolet dealer this coming summer, General Motors announced Wednesday. Chevrolet says in a statement, “Natural gas is a cleaner-burning transportation fuel compared to petroleum products, and costs significantly less than gasoline at current prices. CNG vehicles typically have 20 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline-powered cars, according to the California Air Resources Board.” The U.S. Department of Energy says ... continue reading»

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2014 BMW 4-Series Convertible Priced From $49,675

2014 BMW 4-Series Converible Our top-ranked upscale midsize car is about to lose its top, as a convertible version of the 2014 BMW 4-Series will hit showroom floors in the first quarter of 2014. BMW says in a press release, “The ‘4’ in its title headlines this new product line for the Convertible and emphasizes not only its stand-out design, but also the fact that any way you look at it, the new 4 Series Convertible represents something more than its BMW 3 Series ... continue reading»

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Is Easier Credit on New Cars Good for You?

The great recession and the tightening of lending standards that followed put a new car out of reach for many consumers. However, now lending standards are loosening – and that’s helping raise new car sales. What’s not clear is if easier credit is good news for consumers.   Automotive News reports that lower lending standards, longer loan terms and more leases are key parts of what’s helping new car sales grow. The average length of a new car loan ... continue reading»

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Ron Burgundy Pitches Dodge Durango, Chases Dancers

2014 Dodge Durango Could Ron Burgundy sell you a Dodge Durango? We’ll soon find out, thanks to an ad campaign that features Will Ferrell in his classic “Anchorman” character, complete with moustache and burgundy suit shouting about the various features and benefits of the SUV. According to AdWeek, the campaign launched last weekend in support of the Dec. 2 release of Paramount Pictures’ “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.” Additional dancing-themed spots aired during “Dancing with the Stars,” and the campaign will ultimately ... continue reading»

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Motor Trend Names Subaru Forester SUV of the Year

2014 Motor Trend SUV of the Year The redesigned 2014 Subaru Forester has earned Motor Trend's 2014 SUV of the Year Award. The publication says, "The new Forester provides a comfortable ride with a roomy interior. Its off-road capability is plenty for the majority of sport/utility buyers. It offers a lot of value for the money. And it accomplishes all this while still being fun to drive." To determine the winner, Motor Trend evaluated the contenders in six areas: design advancement, engineering excellence, performance of ... continue reading»

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