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Safe Cars for Teens

2015 Chrsyler 200 If you have a pre-teen who will be old enough to drive in a few years or a teen who drives now, how do you choose a vehicle that is safe for both your family and your inexperienced, young driver? Whether you plan on letting your teen borrow the family vehicle or help them get their own car when they get their license, check out the "Safest Cars for Teens" to find out what you should be looking for in ... continue reading»

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Skip Heavy Coats When Kids are in Car Seats

keep kids safe in cold weather It was 17 below zero when I loaded my kids in the car this morning. Even though we’re headed into March, extremely cold temperatures and winter weather are still gripping much of the country (some school districts as far south as Houston have delayed opening because of the cold). Driving in snow and ice means taking extra precautions, but you may not realize that some of the steps you take to protect your kids from cold weather could actually ... continue reading»

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Moms Want SUVs, Control of Car Stereo

Best Cars for Families If you are a mother or are about to become one, chances are an SUV is your vehicle of choice, safety and tech features contribute most to your sanity behind the wheel and you don't let anyone else control the car stereo. In the lead-up to Mother’s Day, Edmunds.com conducted a survey about mothers and their automotive preferences. The survey was conducted over the Internet and was completed by about 1,900 people, 1,309 of whom ... continue reading»

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The 2014 Best Cars for Families Awards

Let’s compare buying a family car to buying a fun little convertible. If you’re shopping for a convertible, all you have to think about is if you like it and if you can afford it. For a family car, liking and affording the car are important, but you also need to consider safety, reliability and if the car has the space and features your family needs. Buying a family car won’t make most people’s heart race ... continue reading»

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The 2013 Best Cars for Families

A little over a year ago, I had my first child. Since she came along, I've tested more than 50 cars, with my daughter in tow for most of them. I've struggled to lift her car seat into tall trucks, contorted myself to buckle her in the back of sporty coupes, juggled her and groceries while digging through the diaper bag for car keys and lost my temper at small SUVs that didn't have enough cargo space ... continue reading»

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