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Cadillac ATS Makes Debut in Detroit

The 2013 Cadillac ATS was unveiled Sunday at the Detroit Auto Show. The all-new Cadillac is a rear-wheel drive performance sedan that is smaller than the Cadillac CTS, and will deliver “quick, nimble and fun-to-drive dynamics,” Cadillac says in a press release. According to Cadillac, the ATS will weigh less than 3,400 pounds and have a near 50/50 weight distribution, which is optimal weight distribution for any car designed to have spritely handling. Buyers will be able to ... continue reading»

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BMW to Introduce New M Performance Line

BMW announced Thursday that it will introduce an M Performance trim of many of its vehicles starting in spring 2012. In a press release, the automaker said the new line, which slots between the 3-Series and the M3, for example, will offer BMW drivers practicality and performance. According to BMW M GmbH President Dr. Friedrich Nitschke, the new product lineup would include “both petrol and diesel-engined variants” and possibly all-wheel drive. BMW M vehicles use strictly gas engines and most ... continue reading»

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BMW Reveals Larger 2012 3-Series

BMW unveiled its new 2012 3-Series Friday. The latest 3-Series is the sixth generation of the upscale midsize car, and it goes on sale in February 2012. The Detroit News says BMW has sold 12 million 3-Series models since it went on sale in 1975. “The car is key to BMW earnings because it has the highest sales volumes in its model lineup, with 399,000 sold last year, or 32.6 percent of unit sales,” The Detroit News reports ... continue reading»

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Test Drive: Infiniti G37 Coupe

After seeing Liz’s review of the Infiniti G37 convertible, I was excited to spend a week in the G37 coupe – until I saw that the press loaner had a manual transmission. I love manual transmissions. I’ve driven them for years, and having the extra bit of control that a manual gives a driver is something I appreciate. Plus, it’s easy to get a bit bored by driving, and a manual spices up even the most mundane grocery ... continue reading»

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BMW Recalls 2011 3-Series Models

BMW is recalling the 328i xDrive and the 335i xDrive trims from the 2011 model year for front driveshaft attachment bolts that may not be tightened properly and could loosen, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports. Loose bolts “could lead to a loss of power to the front wheels and ultimately a vehicle breakdown, increasing the risk of a crash,” says NHTSA. Affected models were produced from February 8, 2011 to July 29, 2011. If your BMW 3-Series is ... continue reading»

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