January's Best Finance, Cash Back and Lease Deals

2014 Nissan Rogue It’s a new year and if you have an old, unreliable car, a new car might be on your resolution list for 2014. We found some great car deals that will help save you money this January. Shoppers looking for the best lease deals will find some lease offers that don’t require a down payment, but most January car lease deals feature low monthly payments when you put a few thousand dollars down. If you plan on financing ... continue reading»

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December's Best Car Deals and Incentives

2014 Acura RLX If you’re hoping to score a good end-of-the-year car deal, you’re in luck. As 2013 draws to a close, carmakers and dealers are offering good discounts and incentives. Shoppers who plan on financing their new vehicle might want to take a look at car deals on both the 2014 and outgoing 2013 models, especially if the cars are very similar. Though most buyers will find low interest rate deals on 2014 vehicles, you might be able to secure ... continue reading»

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Black Friday Car Deals

Forget cutting your Thanksgiving dinner short to stand in line at a big box store. Sure, saving a couple hundred dollars on a TV or laptop sounds great – sounds great that is, until you think about saving thousands of dollars on a new car. Some car companies are getting in on Black Friday sales and deals. Brands like Ford, Toyota and Chevrolet are all offering Black Friday car deals. Ford is offering a pre-paid MasterCard of up to $1,000 ... continue reading»

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November's Best Car Deals and Incentives

2014 Cadillac CTS The 2013 model year is coming to a close, so if you’re planning to buy a new vehicle this November, you have even more car deals than usual to choose from. If you want to finance your new vehicle, the best car deals this November are on 2013 models. If the 2014 model-year vehicle you’re considering is similar to the 2013, it’s best for you to check out purchase deals for both models. You’re likely to ... continue reading»

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Defying Government Shutdown, October Auto Sales are Strong

A 16-day government shutdown did not deter consumers from buying cars, as automakers are posting sales gains for the month of October. Kelley Blue Book expects overall October auto sales to be up about 12 percent compared with last year. Kelley Blue Book Senior Analyst Alec Gutierrez says October vehicle sales were led by strong demand for SUVs and trucks. According to Gutierrez, pickup truck sales have benefited from cheaper gas prices, as well as a rebounding housing market. Chrysler ... continue reading»

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