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Diesel Engines Becoming Increasingly Popular in the U.S.

Vehicles equipped with diesel engines are becoming more popular as American consumers are looking for more fuel-efficient vehicles, and maybe aren’t thrilled with the prospect of buying an electric or hybrid car. Diesel engines are about 30 to 35 percent more fuel-efficient than a similar-sized gasoline engine, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. They also produce a lot more torque than gas engines, making them feel faster and more powerful. “Surveys show the proportion of American car shoppers willing ... continue reading»

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Chevrolet Celebrates 100th Birthday by Selling 1 Millionth Cruze

Chevrolet is celebrating its 100th birthday this month. One of the highlights of the centennial celebration is hitting the 1 million global sales mark with its popular affordable small car, the Chevrolet Cruze. The Cruze “is the fourth best-selling nameplate in its segment and the seventh best-selling nameplate overall,” Chevy says in a statement. The Cruze is sold in many global markets besides the U.S., including China, Russia, Canada, Spain and India. The Detroit Free Press says the Cruze ... continue reading»

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Turbocharging Your Fuel Economy

According to the Department of Energy, the nationwide average for gas is currently about $3.51 per gallon. While that’s a bit less than the last time I analyzed gas prices in April, the DOE reports that it’s still $2 more than we were paying per gallon 10 years ago. That’s not cheap, but it’s still significantly less than the €1.48 that a liter costs in Europe. That works out to roughly $7.69 per ... continue reading»

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Chevrolet Aims for 50 MPG with Upcoming Cruze Diesel

Last month, we told you that a diesel version of the Chevrolet Cruze has been announced for the U.S., and although the oil-burning affordable small car probably won’t come to market until 2013, details are slowly starting to surface. With the Cruze Eco already on sale, some members of the press surmise that the upcoming diesel Cruze will have to offer performance, as well as good fuel economy. “General Motors thinks a sizable segment of U.S. car ... continue reading»

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U.S. to Get Diesel Chevrolet Cruze

A diesel version of the Chevrolet Cruze will be sold in the U.S., the Associated Press reports. The Detroit News says a diesel Cruze will get about 50 mpg and “will help GM meet more stringent federal fuel economy standards and rival the gas mileage of popular hybrid cars such as the Toyota Prius.” Though General Motors has not commented on the announcement, the AP cites two sources who are briefed on GM’s product plans. A diesel version ... continue reading»

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