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Impala Owners File Class-Action Suit Against GM

If you’ve noticed that your Chevrolet Impala burns through its rear tires quickly, you’re not alone. “A class-action suit has been filed against General Motors Co., complaining that GM fixed rear-end problems on police versions of 2007-08 Impalas, but not those owned by some 400,000 other drivers,” reports The Detroit News. “The problem, according to the lawsuit filed in federal court in Detroit, causes owners to burn through rear tires.” The Detroit News states that Donna Trusky ... continue reading»

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Large Cars: Comfortable or Boring?

Last week, I flew to western South Dakota for a wedding and drove back to Washington, D.C., with my boyfriend, who had just bought a used 2000 Chevrolet Impala. The 2,000-mile trip lasted three days and took us through Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, West Virginia and Maryland. After spending so much time in this affordable large car and comparing it with the 10-week, 14,000-mile road trip I took in my 2004 Ford Ranger last summer, it ... continue reading»

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