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Cell Phone Use While Driving Could Cost You

Depending on the state you’re driving in, you could pay up to a $10,000 fine and spend a year in prison if caught using your cell phone while driving. According to a study released last Tuesday by Online Auto Insurance, “Texting while driving has become an epidemic in America that has led 39 states and the District of Columbia to ban all drivers from engaging in the practice.” The strictest state, based on the Online Auto Insurance results ... continue reading»

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Is 85 MPH Safe? New Texas Speed Limit Causes Controversy

Konstantin Sutyagin/Shutterstock.com Pretty soon, Texas will have the fastest road in the country, as The Associated Press reports that a new 41-mile toll road between Austin and Seguin will have an 85 mph speed limit when it opens in November. While “Don’t mess with Texas,” is a popular sentiment on bumpers in the Lone Star State, the new speed limit has raised some concerns. "The research is clear that when speed limits go up, fatalities go up," Insurance Institute for Highway ... continue reading»

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Most Big-City Drivers Favor Red Light Cameras

According to a study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, opponents of red light cameras are a minority group. Two out of three drivers in 14 large cities favor red light cameras. These results are an extension of a study the Institute conducted earlier this year, which found that red light cameras save lives. “Researchers looked at U.S. cities with populations over 200,000 and compared those with red light cameras to those without,” the Institute states. “In ... continue reading»

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