i3 Prototype Showcases BMW's Future

BMW i3, BMW, i3 Concept Coupe Last year, the BMW i3 Concept Coupe was introduced at the Los Angeles Auto Show. BMW i is a new subdivision of BMW that will introduce electric and hybrid-electric vehicles to the automaker’s lineup. BMW released a statement last December confirming that production of the electric i3 will start by the end of 2013. Elaborating on the release date, Car and Driver reports that the i3 will hit U.S. dealers in early 2014. Some sources have detailed a ... continue reading»

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Government Touts Electric Vehicles at Washington Auto Show

The U.S. Department of Energy outlined ambitious goals to increase the use of electric vehicles and reduce battery costs for consumers at the Washington, D.C. Auto Show. Dr. David Danielson, the assistant secretary for energy efficiency and renewable energy, said Thursday at a press conference at the auto show that electric vehicles are “an essential part” of the Obama administration’s all-encompassing approach to reducing our dependence on imported fossil fuels. Danielson also spoke about the government’s ... continue reading»

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Nissan Announces Price Drop for 2013 Leaf

Nissan says that when the 2013 Nissan Leaf goes on sale, it will have a lower starting price, more cargo space and a new onboard charger that reduces the Leaf’s charge time and helps improve its range. One of the major changes to the 2013 Leaf is a 6.6 kW onboard charger. According to Nissan, the new charger not only shortens the 220-volt charging time from about eight hours to four hours, but by moving the charger to ... continue reading»

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EV Owners are Smarter and Richer Than the Rest of Us

Want to look smarter and richer? Buy an electric vehicle. A new survey says that electric car owners tend to be wealthier and better-educated than the average American driver. A study by the Electric Vehicle Information Exchange surveyed 970 respondents, most of whom reported some interest in electric vehicles. According to the survey results, respondents who already lease or own electric vehicles tend to be "very well-educated, upper-middle class, white men in their early 50’s with ideal living situations ... continue reading»

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Chevy Spark EV Amped for LA Debut

An all-electric version of the new Chevrolet Spark will debut later this month at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Chevrolet announced the debut in a press release, and said the electric car will go on sale sometime in 2013. So far, little information has been given about the 2014 Spark EV. In a separate press release, Chevy says that the electric motor will make at least 100 kilowatts (130 horsepower) and 400 pound-feet of instantaneous torque. The automaker predicts the ... continue reading»

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