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2012 Best Cars for Families

If you’re a parent, you have a lot on your mind. You’ve got your kids’ activities, doctor appointments and homework to keep track of, not to mention your work responsibilities and everything that goes into running a house. Your car is probably far down the list of things you think about on a regular basis. There is one type of parent who probably thinks a lot about their car: parents who bought one that doesn’t work for ... continue reading»

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How to Get a Great Deal on a Family Car

Finding the right family car is a stressful process, but it isn’t impossible with thorough research. In Get the Best Deal on a Family Car, we take you through the car buying process, and provide you with negotiating tools and various tips and tricks that will help you get the vehicle you want at a price that fits your budget. continue reading»

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Four Keys to Keeping Kids Safe in Cars

Buying a car with top safety scores, high-tech safety features and using child safety seats properly seems like it’s enough to keep kids safe in the car, but a key ingredient is missing: an involved parent or guardian. Janette Fennell, president of Kids and Cars, says that 70 percent of the time, loved ones are responsible for non-traffic incidents like rollovers and heat stroke, and most of these accidents happen at home. We give Four Keys to Keeping Kids ... continue reading»

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Will Your Family Fit?

Just because a large SUV has nine seats, it doesn’t mean your family will fit. It may not have enough LATCH connectors for car seats, and teenagers may not be comfortable in the third row. In Will Your Family Fit, we look at vehicles based on the number of LATCH connectors they have and how much passenger and cargo space is available, and compile a list of vehicles that will fit families, no matter the size. Slide Show: Will ... continue reading»

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Best Cars for Turning Over the Keys

If you have a pre-teen who will get a license in a few years or one who is driving now, you may be in the market for a family vehicle that will suit both of you. Whether you plan on letting your teen borrow the car or will pass it down later, certain vehicles are better than others for inexperienced drivers. In Best Cars for Turning Over the Keys, we explore the types of vehicles that are safest for teen ... continue reading»

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