To DVD or Not to DVD

That is a good question. DVD systems cost about $1,300 or more in most minivans and SUVs, making them an expensive, but appealing option for parents who want to keep their youngsters calm during long drives. In To DVD or Not to DVD, we reveal the minivans and SUVs that make you upgrade to more expensive trims to get those coveted DVD screens, the total cost of keeping children entertained and some affordable DVD alternatives. continue reading»

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Most Fun-to-Drive Family Cars

Let’s face it: Family cars aren’t the most fun-to-drive vehicles on the market. But just because you decided to expand your clan, it doesn’t mean your car shopping list is limited to decent, but less-than-thrilling performance from the Toyota Sienna or Honda CR-V. There are quite a few zippy family vehicles out there, and we highlight them in Most Fun-to-Drive Family Cars. For a peek at these speedy family cars, visit the slide show: In Pictures: Most ... continue reading»

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Best Cars for Stylish Families

Having a family doesn’t condemn you to driving a frumpy minivan. In fact, there are plenty of vehicles on the market that are both stylish and utilitarian, and best of all, many of them aren’t budget-breakers. To find out which family cars made our good-looking list, check out pictures of the Best Cars for Stylish Families and learn how function can follow form. continue reading»

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Greenest Family Cars

Finding a car that suits your family’s needs is one thing, but if you’re environmentally-conscious, your search might extend beyond comfort, cargo space and available options. We use data from the Environmental Protection Agency to find the vehicles that can haul your family, but are less harsh on the environment. If you want to befriend Mother Earth and teach your kids to do the same, find out which cars make the list in Greenest Family Cars. In Pictures ... continue reading»

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Best Cars for Carpooling

If you’re a parent who carpools, you know that it can be more stressful than hauling just your kids to soccer practice. To make your car pool days easier, we found vehicles that are ideal for carpooling, as well as features that help make it less stressful when you’ve got a car full of antsy kids. Third-row seats, second-row captain’s chairs, DVD systems, sufficient cargo space and backup cameras are all helpful features in a family vehicle ... continue reading»

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