2013 Ford Focus ST Priced at $24,495

Ford has announced specs and started taking orders for the 2013 Ford Focus ST, which will go on sale later this month for $24,495 (including a $795 destination fee). That’s a significant price hike compared with the base 2012 Focus, which starts at $16,500, but the ST offers a lot more performance than the base affordable small car. “Some cars in this category are entertaining on the track, but much less practical for daily driving,” says Lisa ... continue reading»

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Ford Recalls 140,000 Focus Models

Ford is recalling more than 140,300 Focus sedans and hatchbacks from the 2012 model year for a faulty windshield wiper system. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the passenger-side windshield wiper may be missing a seal, which could allow water to leak into the wiper’s electrical system. If water gets into the windshield wiper’s electrical system, the motor could stop working. That could pose a danger to drivers who find themselves in the middle of ... continue reading»

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2012 Ford Focus Electric Earns 110 MPGe Rating

The 2012 Ford Focus Electric has received an EPA fuel economy rating of 110/99/105 mpg-e (miles per gallon-equivalent) city/highway/combined, Ford says in a press release. The Focus Electric has a range of 76 miles on a fully charged battery.   The Focus Electric’s mpg-e ratings are among the highest of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. The 2012 Mitsubishi i is rated at 126/99 mpg-e, and the 2012 Nissan Leaf at 106/92 mpg-e, and have ... continue reading»

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Diesel Engines Becoming Increasingly Popular in the U.S.

Vehicles equipped with diesel engines are becoming more popular as American consumers are looking for more fuel-efficient vehicles, and maybe aren’t thrilled with the prospect of buying an electric or hybrid car. Diesel engines are about 30 to 35 percent more fuel-efficient than a similar-sized gasoline engine, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. They also produce a lot more torque than gas engines, making them feel faster and more powerful. “Surveys show the proportion of American car shoppers willing ... continue reading»

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Honda Civic Refresh to Come Sooner Than Expected

Honda executives have stated that the automaker is working on the Honda Civic’s first refresh already, in order to address reviewer criticism and jump start sluggish sales. The 2012 Honda Civic has been on sale since April 2011, and the automotive press is reporting that the 2013 model will see upgrades. "Honda is scrambling to revamp its Civic just eight months after a new version hit showrooms, and critics say it's an admission that the compact car fell ... continue reading»

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