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Gas Prices Continue to Decline

Though gas prices are still fairly high, analysts say that most locations in the U.S. are likely to see lower gas prices for the rest of the summer. Prices at the pump for regular gas have declined about 11 cents over last month’s average price, according to AAA. It’s unusual to see declining gas prices at the beginning of the summer vacation season. “The summer driving season is typically accompanied by higher prices at the pumps, but ... continue reading»

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Drivers Look to New Cars to Save Fuel

Last week, we told you that diesel cars have become more popular in the U.S. in light of rising gas prices. Now, a new survey from Swapalease.com confirms that many shoppers are looking for good fuel economy in their next car. The auto lease transfer website says in a press release that 77 percent of survey respondents prioritize better gas mileage in their next purchase, with 33 percent considering hybrid cars. The remaining 44 percent say they plan ... continue reading»

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Grim Forecast for High Summer Gas Prices May Come to Pass

In February, we reported that gas prices could reach $4 per gallon this summer, and that those living in metropolitan areas could see gas prices rise much higher. Tuesday, the federal government’s Energy Information Administration predicted that $3.95 will be the average price for a gallon of gas from April through September, but some analysts think these averages are too high. According to the Associated Press, the $3.95 average is “an increase of 6.3 percent from ... continue reading»

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Most Hybrid Owners Switch Back to Conventional Cars

Most people who own a hybrid car or SUV switch back to gas-only vehicles when it’s time to buy a new vehicle, according to a new study by Polk, a company that provides auto information and data. The study found that just 35 percent of all hybrid owners buy another hybrid. After excluding Toyota Prius owners, that number drops to about 22 percent. Gas prices continue to soar, with today’s average gallon of regular gas selling for $3 ... continue reading»

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Summer Gas Prices Could Reach $4 a Gallon

Analysts fear that gas prices could reach at least $4 per gallon this summer. Those living in large cities could see prices rise much higher. The AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report indicates that the national average price for a gallon of regular gasoline is $3.48, which up about 11 cents from last month, and up 37 cents from the same time last year. By summer, that price could increase by at least 52 cents. According to the Chicago Sun-Times ... continue reading»

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