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EV Owners are Smarter and Richer Than the Rest of Us

Want to look smarter and richer? Buy an electric vehicle. A new survey says that electric car owners tend to be wealthier and better-educated than the average American driver. A study by the Electric Vehicle Information Exchange surveyed 970 respondents, most of whom reported some interest in electric vehicles. According to the survey results, respondents who already lease or own electric vehicles tend to be "very well-educated, upper-middle class, white men in their early 50’s with ideal living situations ... continue reading»

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Ford C-Max Energi Earns Higher MPGe Rating than Prius Plug-in, Volt

If you’re shopping for a hybrid car, you may be aware that the Ford C-Max Hybrid earns better fuel economy estimates than the Toyota Prius v. Now, Ford has announced that its upcoming plug-in hybrid, the 2013 Ford C-Max Energi, is officially rated at 108/92 MPGe city/highway, or 100 MPGe combined. Ford points out that the C-Max Energi’s EPA estimates beat the Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid’s combined rating of 95 MPGe, and the automaker also ... continue reading»

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Will Electric Car Discounts Shock Sales?

With their relatively high prices, electric cars and hybrids have struggled to gain a foothold in the U.S. market. Automakers are hoping that lowering prices will spur sales of the all-electric Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt extended range plug-in hybrid.   The Associated Press reports, "Nissan is offering cheap leases and big discounts on the Leaf because of slow sales of the all-electric car." According to the AP, in August, Nissan offered discounts that were $2,400 more than the ... continue reading»

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Ford Now Accepting Orders for 2013 C-MAX Hybrid

Ford started taking customer orders for its upcoming 2013 C-MAX hybrid last week. The C-MAX goes on sale this fall and is Ford’s first dedicated hybrid car. Ford classifies it as a hybrid utility vehicle and it is similar in size to the Toyota Prius V and Mazda5. In a press release, Ford claims the 2013 C-MAX will have better fuel economy, performance and functionality than the Prius V. The 2013 C-MAX Hybrid starts at $25,995, which is ... continue reading»

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Best April Car Deals on Cars and SUVs

When analysts looked at vehicle sales for February 2012, they found that an increase in car sales was largely driven my small, fuel-efficient vehicles. That trend continued into March. “Higher gas prices drove strong March car sales especially those of fuel-efficient models,” says Edmunds. “Automakers in the U.S. sold 1.4 million vehicles, an increase of 12.7 percent from the year-ago March. That put the Seasonally Adjusted Annual Rate of car sales (SAAR) at 14.3 million, compared ... continue reading»

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