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Are Car Radios on the Way Out?

IntelliLink infotainment system If you remember when cars came with eight-track or cassette players, you know that technology has had an impact on how you listen to music in your car. Tape decks gave way to compact disc players, and now, many drivers listen to music through their smartphones or MP3 players. Radios have been available in cars since 1930, according to Car and Driver, and unlike these newer audio technologies, AM/FM radio has endured through the audio technology changes of the ... continue reading»

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Is Your Infotainment System's Font Distracting You?

A study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Age Lab, the New England University Transportation Center and Monotype Imaging, a provider of typefaces for consumer devices and applications, reveals that different kinds of typefaces used in vehicle infotainment and portable navigation screens impact glance time, which is the amount of time drivers spend with their eyes off the road and on display screens. Easy-to-read typefaces could improve driver focus, and potentially, reduce the risk of accidents. In two studies ... continue reading»

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