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Skip Heavy Coats When Kids are in Car Seats

keep kids safe in cold weather It was 17 below zero when I loaded my kids in the car this morning. Even though we’re headed into March, extremely cold temperatures and winter weather are still gripping much of the country (some school districts as far south as Houston have delayed opening because of the cold). Driving in snow and ice means taking extra precautions, but you may not realize that some of the steps you take to protect your kids from cold weather could actually ... continue reading»

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The 2015 Best Cars for the Money Awards

U.S. New Best Cars for the Money Badge Here at U.S. News Best Cars, we always try to put you, our readers, first. We build our rankings, reviews and advice content for people who are looking for the best car and the best deal. It may say U.S. News on our paychecks, but our readers are who we work for. It’s in that spirit that we’re releasing the 2015 Best Cars for the Money awards. The awards recognize cars that have the best combination ... continue reading»

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Used Car Prices are Falling; Should You Buy Now?

New car sales in 2014 were strong, and the trend is expected to continue in 2015. That’s bad news for new car shoppers, because new car prices tend to rise along with new car sales. For used car shoppers, however, strong new car sales are good news. Most people who buy a new car trade in their old one. Those trade-ins widen the supply of used cars. A bigger supply of used cars means lower prices. In fact, industry ... continue reading»

Like That Rental Car? Don't Buy It

Every once in a while, you go on vacation and end up really liking the car you rent. It’s quiet, drives great, has plenty of room for all your stuff and you associate it with fun and relaxation. You decide to buy the same car when you get home. After all, you just had an extended test drive. What better way to make a smart buying choice? There are a lot of other ways to make a smart buying ... continue reading»

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How to Save Money on a New Car Now

Auto Sales for December 2014 were strong, and they closed out a record-setting year for new car sales in the United States. According to data from TrueCar, new car and light truck sales were up 9.5 percent over December 2013, and the biggest sales numbers for December in 10 years. TrueCar estimates that 17 million new cars were sold in 2014 and they report that transaction prices (the final price paid for new cars and light trucks) increased almost ... continue reading»

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