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2014 Corvette Stingray Pricing Undercuts Porsche Cayman, Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

The 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray coupe, which goes on sale in the third quarter of this year, will have a starting price of $51,995 that includes $995 in delivery charges, Chevrolet announced Friday in a press release. The Chevrolet Stingray Convertible will start at $56,995, which also includes delivery charges. The Los Angeles Times reports, “Both models reflect a $1,400 increase over the outgoing Corvette. That extra money buys you a lot of changes, not the least ... continue reading»

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Cell Phone Use While Driving Could Cost You

Depending on the state you’re driving in, you could pay up to a $10,000 fine and spend a year in prison if caught using your cell phone while driving. According to a study released last Tuesday by Online Auto Insurance, “Texting while driving has become an epidemic in America that has led 39 states and the District of Columbia to ban all drivers from engaging in the practice.” The strictest state, based on the Online Auto Insurance results ... continue reading»

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Ford Introduces 'Video Snacks' to Ford Owners to Help Them Learn New Features

Does complex in-car technology make your head spin? Ford Motor Company thinks they have found a way for you to master the features in their vehicles. More than 100 short how-to videos, called “video snacks,” are supposed to help Ford owners become more familiar with the features their new car offers. According to a Ford press release, the video snacks are a part of a new Vehicle Orientation program that starts this week in Ford dealerships nationwide. At the end ... continue reading»

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Car Shoppers Prefer Outgoing Model Deals Over Redesigns

According to an online survey that autotrader.com released last week, 79 percent of car shoppers would rather get a good deal than wait for the latest redesign. “From computers to phones to TVs and even cars, the next ‘new’ release seems to be just around the corner, making it harder for people to have the latest and greatest for very long,” says Rick Wainschel, vice president of automotive insights at AutoTrader.com. “In that environment, especially with such a ... continue reading»

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Better Fuel Economy Could Mean Worse Tires

Photo courtesy of Goodyear A study released by J.D. Power and Associates last Thursday shows that car buyers are not happy with the run-flat and low-rolling resistance tires automakers use to improve fuel efficiency. According to the study, run-flat tires, commonly used on performance sport cars and luxury vehicles, have about a 6,000-mile shorter life span than standard tires. These tires have to be replaced more often than conventional tires and often have to be replaced in pairs. This could make for ... continue reading»

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