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Summer Heat Brings Risk to Kids in Cars

It's a nightmare scenario for any parent: a child gets left in a car on a hot day. By the time someone notices, the temperature in the car has climbed and the child dies from heat stroke. According to Jan Null, a Certified Consulting Meteorologist at San Francisco State University, so far in 2013, 23 children in the U.S. have died of heat stroke as a result of being left in cars. The vast majority of cases tend ... continue reading»

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Size Matters: Small Family Cars

Parenthood doesn’t doom you to driving a minivan: Plenty of small cars have enough space for five and their stuff. No, a small car won’t have an optional rear-seat entertainment system like the Honda Odyssey and GMC Terrain, but with something like the Honda Fit or Hyundai Elantra, there’s plenty of space for the kids, their toys and groceries with room to spare. In Size Matters: Small Family Cars, we show that small cars can handle family ... continue reading»

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How to Find the Right Car for Your Family

With about 300 different cars on the U.S. market, finding the perfect car for your family is an intimidating task. In How to Find the Right Car for Your Family, we break down the researching and buying process to help you select the ideal car for you and the kids that won’t break your budget or leave you shopping for something else a few years down the road. continue reading»

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Family Car Shopping: Space vs. Fuel Economy

Whether you’re a parent with one child or five, you need a vehicle that’s roomy and has good fuel economy. We’ve analyzed some of the most fuel-efficient cars, minivans and SUVs to find models that strike the best balance of interior space and good gas mileage. To get the specifics on vehicles like the GMC Terrain, Honda Odyssey and others that will let you fit your kids, their stuff and save you money at the pump, read ... continue reading»

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Test Drive: The Mini Cooper Countryman Gets Family Duty

When I tested the Mini Cooper Countryman S with All4, I wanted to see if it could handle family car duties. The back seat is very roomy. In fact, it’s so spacious that you forget you’re in a Mini. The center rail’s neat, but I realized it isn’t ideal for families. You can put snacks in the dishwasher-safe cup holders, but the rail will be hard to clean. It’s a haven for crumbs. But when ... continue reading»

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