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Toyota Raises Prices on 2012 Yaris, Tundra, Sequoia and Sienna

The 2012 Toyota Yaris is set to enter production this month, and next year’s model will carry a base price that’s $960 more than the 2011 model. Toyota says that the new Yaris will come with more than $1,000 of additional standard equipment, making it comparable to a 2011 model equipped with the Convenience Package, which adds features such as a four-speaker CD stereo system and a heavy-duty heater and starter. Consumers can expect new Yaris pricing ... continue reading»

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Could High Car Prices Be Good News?

Like a lot of people, I was in the market for a new car until the earthquake in Japan hit. Since I wasn’t able to buy in March or early April (I hadn’t made up my mind on which car I wanted yet), I got some sticker shock in May as car prices went up. Analysts initially predicted that prices would stay high for a while, but when demand tapered off in May, many changed their tune.  Now ... continue reading»

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Volkswagen Prices 2012 Beetle

Volkswagen announced pricing on the 2012 Beetle Tuesday, which will go on sale in October. “The new Beetle will start at just $18,995, offering an agile, driver-oriented coupe that respects the Beetle’s past yet looks to the future,” says Volkswagen in a press release. Some analysts think that pricing the new Beetle a tick less than $19,000 was a smart move. “Volkswagen carefully priced the redesigned 2012 Beetle under the critical $20,000 mark and in the ... continue reading»

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Ford Increases Vehicle Prices

For the third time since January, Ford is raising prices on 2011 models. In May, Ford raised prices 0.4 percent, or an average of $124, per vehicle due to price increases for steel, aluminum, rubber, oil and other materials, the Detroit Free Press reports. The automotive industry overall has increased vehicle prices 1 percent the past few months, CNBC reports. The previous two price hikes in April and January were also for higher materials prices, not the earthquake and ... continue reading»

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