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Cadillac, Buick Customers Happiest with Dealer Service, Study Says

Cadillac ELR Buick owners are the most satisfied with maintenance and repair services at the dealership, according to a study recently released by J.D. Power and Associates. Volkswagen earned the second highest customer satisfaction rating among mainstream auto brands, followed by GMC and MINI, which tied for third place. Among luxury brands, Cadillac came out on top, dethroning Lexus, which had been top-ranked for the last five years. Audi and Lexus came in second and third place for 2014, respectively. Roughly ... continue reading»

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Chevrolet Volt, Porsche 911, Dodge Challenger Top Consumer Reports Owner Satisfaction Survey

Just a few weeks following an announcement from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that a Chevrolet Volt caught on fire several weeks after crash tests, Consumer Reports has announced some positive news for the Volt.   The Volt earned the highest score in Consumer Reports’ owner satisfaction survey. “Ninety-three percent of respondents who own the Volt said they would definitely buy it again, making it the highest-rated car in the nationally representative survey,” writes Consumer Reports. “The Volt narrowly edged ... continue reading»

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