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2011 Auto Sales Could Reach Highest Total Since 2008

Automotive sales have slumped over the past few years, but analysts at TrueCar and Edmunds predict that by the end of 2011, new car sales could reach 12.8 million units, the highest total since 2008. “This year new car sales are up year over year for every major automaker except Honda and Toyota with Hyundai/Kia sales expected to rise the most at almost 28 percent,” said Kristen Andersson, automotive analyst at TrueCar.com. The natural disasters in Japan ... continue reading»

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Mixed June Sales Forecasts Mean Buyers Should Wait

The final numbers for June auto sales aren’t out yet, but analysts are forecasting a mixed bag.  According to Edmunds, Chrysler, Ford, GM and Nissan are expected to beat their June 2010 sales, but Honda and Toyota should see their June 2011 sales fall compared to the same month a year ago. Part of the reason for the mixed bag is inventory problems. “I was looking at the actual number of vehicles available for sale on dealer lots,” writes ... continue reading»

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Car and Truck Sales Likely Improving

Though official sales numbers likely won’t be released until later this week, it looks like June car and truck sales have rebounded after an ominous dip in May. Analysts expect sales reports for June 2011 to be better than both May 2011 and June 2010, as the industry sheds the effects of Japan’s March earthquake and sky-high gas prices. Though May sales slumped by about 3.7 percent from April 2011, according to the Wall Street Journal. J ... continue reading»

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The State of the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry has gone through a lot of changes in the past few months, and those changes have caused auto sales to dip. The March tsunami and earthquake in Japan led to parts shortages that impacted not only Japanese automakers, but American ones that depend on Japanese suppliers for parts. With fuel-efficient Japanese vehicles in short supply and gas prices reaching $4 a gallon in April and May, finding a good deal on a fuel-sipping affordable small car proved ... continue reading»

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May Car Sales: Hyundai Moves to Third Place, Incentive Spending Down

We’re still a week away from when automakers will report their May 2011 sales, but our friends at TrueCar.com have released some interesting early sales estimates. They project that the third largest market share will go to Hyundai/Kia, beating Honda, Toyota, Nissan and Chrysler. Hyundai and Kia managed to get the number three spot even though TrueCar reports that they spent less on incentives than all of those brands except Toyota, showing that consumers are drawn to ... continue reading»

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