Small Turbocharged Engines Fall Short of Consumer Reports' Expectations

While some automakers have made a move toward smaller, turbocharged engines to improve fuel economy in cars like the Chevrolet Cruze and Ford Fusion, a new Consumer Reports study finds that these types of engines miss the mark in real world tests. “We put the cars through our standard fuel economy tests, with both city driving and highway speeds,” says Tom Mutchler, Automotive Engineer at Consumer Reports. Among affordable midsize cars, the Ford Fusion with the turbocharged 1.6-liter EcoBoost ... continue reading»

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GMC Dominates Study's List of Safest Vehicles

If you drive a GMC, a new study indicates that you might be behind the wheel of one of the safest vehicles on the market. The automaker took four of the five top spots in Insure.com's list of best and worst vehicles for preventing passenger injuries, and the data shows that bigger vehicles may be the safest choice in a collision. “The laws of physics are always in play in crashes,” says Russ Rader, spokesperson for the Insurance ... continue reading»

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Toyota Prius Named Consumer Reports Best Car Value

Want the most bang for your buck in your next new car? Then you should probably buy a Toyota Prius. Consumer Reports says that with an operating cost of 49 cents per mile, the Prius is about half as expensive to operate as the average car. The Prius beats out the Honda Fit, which Consumer Reports had named its best new-car value for the past four years. “The reason the Prius came out on top this year, even though the ... continue reading»

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Do New Cars Save Lives?

A new study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates that our highways are safer than they’ve been in decades. NHTSA says in a press release that “highway deaths fell to 32,367 in 2011, marking the lowest level since 1949.” That’s a 1.9 percent decrease in traffic fatalities when compared with 2010. "The latest numbers show how the tireless work of our safety agencies and partners, coupled with significant advances in technology and continued public ... continue reading»

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Hitting the Road for Thanksgiving? Don't Surf and Drive

If you’re driving over the holiday, put your smartphone down, as a new survey indicates that mobile web use is contributing to distracted driving more than ever. “Though texting while driving remains a concern on the nation’s highways, people are also webbing while driving with increasing frequency,” says State Farm in a press release. “These behaviors may pose equal or greater concerns in the effort to reduce distracted driving.” State Farm’s survey polled almost 4,000 drivers ... continue reading»

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