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Are Some Car Tech Features Really Worth the Money?

Volvo auto brake With all the high-tech safety and driver assistance features available on new vehicles today, it can be hard to decide which ones you should spend extra money on. Sure, having a system that helps you parallel park the car is handy when you're in the city, but is it really worth the money? [Read the full article: Backup Cameras, Automatic Braking, Parking Assist: Is Car Tech Really Worth the Money?] We spoke with several auto industry experts to get ... continue reading»

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AAA Study Shows Hands-Free Devices Are Not Distraction-Free

distracted driving The American Automobile Association (AAA) and the University of Utah recently conducted a study on distracted driving. The study focused on the mental workload and reaction times for a driver performing various tasks not related to driving while behind the wheel. The study concluded that “dangerous mental distractions exist even when drivers keep their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road,” says AAA. User interfaces such as hands-free, voice-to-text systems may not require drivers to divert their ... continue reading»

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Apple iOS 7 Drives Car Technology into the Future

iOS in the car Technophiles get excited every time Apple holds a press conference. Yesterday’s announcement of the new iOS 7 operating system has people talking, mostly about the new look, iTunes Radio and the choice of either a man or woman Siri. In the automotive realm, people are talking about Apple’s iOS in the Car, which is a new feature of iOS 7. Autoblog calls iOS in the Car “an auto-optimized version of the iPhone’s new operating system, iOS 7 ... continue reading»

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NEMPA/MIT Conference Looks at Fuel Economy and Vehicle Weight

The Cadillac ATS uses aluminum to safe The challenge of balancing vehicle weight with fuel economy was the central topic at a New England Motor Press Association and Massachusetts Institute of Technology conference last Thursday. Panelists representing auto manufacturers, academia and government affairs spoke about the impact of increased fuel economy standards on new car construction, materials and price. Over the past 30 years, cars have become heavier. A 1983 Honda Accord has a curb weight of 2,300 pounds. The 2013 LX sedan model with an ... continue reading»

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Ford Introduces 'Video Snacks' to Ford Owners to Help Them Learn New Features

Does complex in-car technology make your head spin? Ford Motor Company thinks they have found a way for you to master the features in their vehicles. More than 100 short how-to videos, called “video snacks,” are supposed to help Ford owners become more familiar with the features their new car offers. According to a Ford press release, the video snacks are a part of a new Vehicle Orientation program that starts this week in Ford dealerships nationwide. At the end ... continue reading»

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