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How Much Should You Spend on a Car?

2015 Honda Fit There’s no getting around it – cars are expensive. They’re starting to cost more and more, too. Kelley Blue Book reports that the average new car transaction price in June reached $33,340. That’s an increase of $209 from May and $821 from June 2014. The rising average price of a new car shows that consumers are willing to pay more and more for a new car. The question is, how much should you pay for a new ... continue reading»

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Why You Want a Lighter Car

The 2015 Ford F-150 lost weight Most Americans (nearly 70 percent, in fact) have some weight they need to lose, but we rarely think that our cars could stand to lose a few pounds as well. When a car is redesigned or introduced, automakers often tout the fact that the new model is lighter than the old one, or is lighter than most competitors. It’s not like cars can suffer from diabetes or heart disease as a result of being overweight, so why do carmakers ... continue reading»

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Best End-of-the-Month Lease Deals for June

2015 Honda CR-V Exterior Red Driving Many of the best lease deals this June don't expire until after the holiday weekend. That means there's still time to get a great lease offer on a new car or SUV. Check out our roundup of these 10 great leasing deals below, all of which are good through July 6. Then, if you're looking for even more great lease deals, you can head over to our Best Lease Deals page, where you can browse for the ... continue reading»

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How To Get the Best Trade-in Value for Your Car

dealer inspecting car trade-in One of the great unknowns in buying a used car is what to do with your trade-in. Do you sell it yourself? Trade it in to the dealer? Or possibly donate it to charity? While value is set by strict IRS guidelines for charitable donations, you can control what value you get for your used car when it’s time to trade it in. Steven Lang is a man who knows the used car industry inside out. In addition to ... continue reading»

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15 Great Car Lease Deals Under $200 this June

2015 Mazda3 Exterior Red A great car doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Many of the best lease deals this June feature monthly payments under $200 with a few thousand dollars due at signing. That's less per month than some premium cable packages. These leasing deals are available on a wide variety of vehicles, including small cars, midsize cars and SUVs. Check out our list of 15 great car lease deals and SUV lease deals below. Then, if you ... continue reading»

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