Black Friday Car Deals

Forget cutting your Thanksgiving dinner short to stand in line at a big box store. Sure, saving a couple hundred dollars on a TV or laptop sounds great – sounds great that is, until you think about saving thousands of dollars on a new car. Some car companies are getting in on Black Friday sales and deals. Brands like Ford, Toyota and Chevrolet are all offering Black Friday car deals. Ford is offering a pre-paid MasterCard of up to $1,000 ... continue reading»

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October Car Sales Can Point to November's Best Car Deals

October car sales were strong, with automakers selling 12 percent more cars than they did in October of 2012. Though auto sales were good overall, some models saw sales well above the sales numbers of other cars, trucks and SUVs. According to The Wall Street Journal, the three top sellers in October new car, SUV and truck sales were pickup trucks. The Ford F-Series sold the most units of any car, truck or SUV in October, followed by the Chevrolet ... continue reading»

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Used Car Prices Starting to Come Down

Used car shoppers who have experienced sticker shock over used car prices in the past few years can relax a little. Used car prices are starting to drop. “During the recession, consumers stopped buying new vehicles and automakers trimmed production, eventually creating a shortage of the most sought-after used vehicles — later models with low mileage,” reports The New York Times. “Used-car prices surged.” As new car sales have recovered, more used cars are available for sale. The increase in supply ... continue reading»

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Is Easier Credit on New Cars Good for You?

The great recession and the tightening of lending standards that followed put a new car out of reach for many consumers. However, now lending standards are loosening – and that’s helping raise new car sales. What’s not clear is if easier credit is good news for consumers.   Automotive News reports that lower lending standards, longer loan terms and more leases are key parts of what’s helping new car sales grow. The average length of a new car loan ... continue reading»

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Still Plenty of Time to Take Advantage of September Car Deals

September may be more than halfway over, but if you’re in the market for a new car, there are still plenty of September car deals to help you save some cash. Shoppers who want to finance a new car can take advantage of a number of zero-percent financing offers.  In September, most mainstream car companies are offering at least some no-interest financing deals. Keep in mind, however, that some of the best financing deals are on cars from the ... continue reading»

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