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Convertibles that Fit Child Car Seats

The Chevrolet Camaro can fit car seats It’s a shame that both Mother’s and Father’s Day fall smack dab in the middle of prime convertible weather. Parents are the people who would likely benefit most from a little top-down motoring, but unless they want to shell out for a babysitter, many parents may feel like they’re stuck listening to tantrums from the back seat, not the wind in their hair. Though no convertible can match the family-friendliness of a minivan or midsize SUV ... continue reading»

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10 Great Zero Percent Deals on Small Cars in June

2015 Hyundai Elantra sedan red exterior June is a good month to find great car deals on small vehicles thanks to the number of zero percent financing offers that are available. With their low base prices, good fuel economy and easy maneuverability, small cars can be a great choice for budget-conscious shoppers and city dwellers. Small cars don't have to feel cramped either. Many of the cars on this list have good rear-seat space, according to reviewers, and several, such as the 2015 Ford Focus ... continue reading»

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Get the Best Interest Rate on Your Used Auto Loan

woman shopping for used car There are steps you should take before you apply for a used car loan, and our experts tell you what kind of things auto lenders look for when deciding to approve or deny your used car loan application, as well as what interest rate to charge you. [Read the full article: How to Get the Best Used Car Loan Rate] Do dealers, banks or credit unions offer the best rates on used car loans? To get the best used car ... continue reading»

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Midsize SUVs with Great Family-friendly Features

2015 Toyota Highlander While the typical midsize SUV offers the seating space and cargo versatility that appeal to families, some SUVs stand out thanks to their available family-friendly features. Conveniences like a power liftgate, a USB port, navigation, a rearview camera and parking sensors are a few of the common standard or optional features in new affordable midsize SUVs, but the following SUVs have even more options that make life easier for parents and kids, as well as excellent reviews from the automotive ... continue reading»

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Best Midsize Car Lease Deals in June

2015 Toyota Camry XLE White Exterior Finding the best lease deals on a midsize sedan doesn't have to be a hassle. We've come up with a convenient list of 10 great car lease deals on midsize cars this June that will make it easy for you to find a new ride. Most of these car leasing deals cost less than $200 per month, which is less than many families spend on their cable and phone bills. As a bonus, many of the best leasing ... continue reading»

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