You Grew Up, and So Did Your Minivan

The simple joy of driving is something that I may have lost as I've aged. When I was 16, I was just excited to drive. Given the option, I'd probably have chosen something other than the Chevy Suburban or Dodge Caravan that my parents owned, but I was more than happy to take the keys and run with whatever I was given. It became clear that happiness no longer exists when I swapped test car keys with Managing ... continue reading»

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Toyota Recalls 2001-03 Prius, 2011 Sienna and Venza

Toyota announced two voluntary safety recalls today, the first of which involves first generation Prius models. “The car maker says the recall includes about 52,000 vehicles from the 2001 through 2003 model years that were sold in the U.S. Worldwide the company is recalling 106,000 Prius vehicles,” reports The Wall Street Journal. The problem stems from the nuts that fasten a steering component called the electric power steering pinion shaft. “If the steering wheel is repeatedly and ... continue reading»

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