Hummer Sales in Free-Fall

Posted: Apr 24, 2008 10:34 a.m.

It's surely a sign of the times.  Hummer dealers are struggling.

Motor Trend explains that Hummer dealers recorded "the biggest decline" of any automaker in the number of new vehicles registered in 2007, "according to a recent study published by Automotive News."  Saturn performed the best. The average Saturn dealership sold 55 more cars in 2007 than the prior year, while the average Hummer dealer's sales declined by 90 vehicles. 

The Detroit News notes that, in the first quarter of 2008, Hummer suffered the biggest sales decline of any GM brand, down 15 percent.

The Dallas Morning News adds that "sales of the brutish H2" are "in a free fall – they dropped from 28,898 in '04 to 12,431 last year."  The decline is blamed largely on fuel prices.  Indeed, most brands that focused on building large SUVs are suffering sales declines this year. 

Autoblog Green is skeptical.  "Acura is the only brand that has seen similar drops in new registrations," they note, "with nary a V8 engine in sight."  Instead, AG wonders, "Is the Hummer brand is just plain falling out of favor?"  It "is considered by many to be the anti-green brand."  Perhaps Hummer's problem is its image more than just its products. 

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