Ford Fusion, Mercury Milan Hybrids Coming

Posted: Oct 31, 2008 11:00 a.m.

Honda, Toyota, General Motors, even Chrysler and Nissan - they all make hybrid cars.  Hyundai has some on the way.  The last holdout, it seems, is Ford.  Ford has had one wildly successful hybrid - the Escape SUV - but has never even put its toe into the growing hybrid car market.

That's about to change.  Car and Driver reports, "Ford has released an image and details on the updated 2010 Ford Fusion. Highlights include a revised engine and transmission lineup, as well details on the hybrid versions of both the Fusion and its Mercury twin," the Milan

Kicking Tires reports, "What does get our attention is Ford's claim today that its sedan hybrids will best the Camry Hybrid's city mileage by 5 mpg. That would put the Fusion and Milan hybrids' city rating at 38 mpg. While no number was given for highway mileage, Ford says it beats the Camry Hybrid there as well. The Camry Hybrid gets 34 mpg on the highway." 

Autoblog explains, "Based on the same system in the Ford Escape Hybrid and Mercury Mariner Hybrid, the latest version is smaller, lighter, more powerful and less expensive to produce."  The battery used in the Fusion and Milan hybrids, "is now 30 percent smaller in volume than the Escape Hybrid's pack and weighs 23 percent less, and this one doesn't need its own AC system to stay cool."  That should keep the price fairly low, but Ford has not released pricing details.

Autoblog Green comments, "We'll be anxiously awaiting our opportunity to see how the Fusion hybrid does in the real world early next year. However, combined with the new SmartGauge information and eco-coaching system that will be standard in the Fusion and Milan, it certainly has the potential to put the lie to the story that Detroit can't build high-efficiency cars."

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