Free Goat With Purchase of Mitsubishi

Posted: May 28, 2009 10:43 a.m.

Sure, the buy-a-Chrysler-Pacifica-get-a-PT-Cruiser-free deal looked enticing. And the buy-one-get-one-free-Dodge-Rams were tempting. But nothing can top the deal Mitsubishi is offering in New Zealand this month.

Australia's Sydney Morning Herald reports, "Mitsubishi Motors is offering a free goat with every Triton ute sold before August in a novel effort at correcting the economy."

A ute, we should explain, is a vehicle with the front end of a family sedan and the rear end of a pickup truck - like the Subaru Baja, or the Chevy El Camino of the 1970s. We almost got a Ute here this year, but with the death of Pontiac, it's been cancelled.

In the best quote we'll every have the opportunity to run, Mitsubishi Motors New Zealand general sales and marketing manager Peter Wilkins told the Herald that "Goats, like our Tritons, are hardy, versatile units which will integrate directly into existing farm operations."

Speaking to the New Zealand Business Review, he added, "And, most importantly, there is no such thing as Goat Flu - so no threat to tourism. It's hard to see a downside." However, he noted, "On the off chance that the purchaser already has enough goats or feels that goat herding is better left to those in drier climes, we'll supply a ‘no goat package' consisting of a five-year/100,000km extended warranty, five free WOF inspections [we have no idea], 5,000km road user charges, five years of roadside assistance and $500 of genuine or approved Triton accessories."

Unfortunately, there are no announced plans to offer an ungulate package with an Eclipse stateside - even though an alpaca could easily fit in the backseat if the convertible top were down.

If you're in the market for a new car, we can run down this month's best car deals for you. But we've found nothing as cool as the goat to tell you about.