The Most Expensive Cars to Insure

Posted: Jun 03, 2009 11:39 a.m.

That little gecko can't save you 15 percent or more on car insurance if you bought a Nissan GT-R, apparently. Or a Dodge Viper. Or a Hummer H2. He might have a deal for you, though, if you're driving a Hyundai Santa Fe.

Insure.com has posted its list of the most, and least, expensive cars to insure. They explain, "Sports cars dominate the ‘most expensive' list, with the GT-R driving away with the top bill." On the other end of the scale, "Low rates tend to reflect a vehicle's safety, which is why larger cars and minivans dominate the least-expensive list." The website examined the average insurance premium on 300 different 2009 model year cars, assuming in every case that the driver was a 40-year old man with a 12-mile daily commute. They found that "Cars shoot to the top of the ‘most expensive to insure' list because their drivers have submitted frequent and expensive car insurance claims. On the other hand, when a car model attracts experienced drivers who don't crash often, all drivers of that model benefit."

Ten Most Expensive Cars to Insure:

Rank      Average Premium         Vehicle

1           $2,533                         Nissan GT-R

2           $2,446                         Dodge Viper

3           $2,236                         BMW M6

4           $2,186                         Ford Shelby GT500

5           $2,088                         Mercedes-Benz G-Class

6          $2,071                          Audi S8

7          $2,020                          BMW M5

8          $1,912                          Hummer H2

9          $1,881                          Lexus IS F

10        $1,819                          Porsche 911

Ten Least Expensive Cars to Insure:

Rank    Average Premium          Vehicle

1         $832                             Hyundai Santa Fe

2         $840                             Kia Sportage

3         $848                             Hyundai Entourage

4         $857                             Kia Sedona

5         $870                             Kia Rio5

6         $871                             Honda Odyssey

7         $881                             Smart Fortwo

8         $911                             Saturn Vue

9         $913                             Mazda Tribute

10       $915                             Chrysler Town & Country

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