Survey: U.S. Truck Owners Prefer Pickups To Sex

Posted: Sep 25, 2009 10:48 a.m.

"In a survey of U.S. truck drivers," PickupTrucks.com found "that 40 percent buy only domestic nameplates, 37 percent have a nickname for their pickup truck and only 41 percent think sex is more important than their truck."

You read that right. Given the choice between giving up their truck, and giving up sex, about four out of ten would be most concerned with payload and towing capacity.

Jalopnik notes, "They're not entirely truck-centric. A majority of them [72%] also prefer their spouse to their truck, though apparently not enough to have sex with." Sixty percent say their house matters more than their truck, but then, some don't necessarily need the house -- 35 percent have slept in their truck bed.

PickupTrucks.com explains, "We asked, "Which of these are more important than your truck?"" The top results:

1.    Spouse: 72%
2.    House: 60%
3.    Sex: 41%
4.    Dog/pet: 39%
5.    TV: 21%
6.    Sports team: 10%
7.    Other: 22%

Two percent of respondents, however, "said nothing -- nothing! -- is more important than their truck."

Those guys wouldn't want to be caught without the best one. They should check out the U.S. News rankings of this year's best trucks as well as this month's best car deals.