Toyota to Use Zip Ties to Fix Floor Mats

Posted: Oct 08, 2009 10:50 a.m.

If you're into extreme sports, you're probably fine trusting your life to a bungee cord. How do you feel about trusting it to a zip tie?

Automotive News reports, "Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. Inc. is instructing dealers to attach floor mats to seat frames on the driver's side of select vehicles with self-locking wire ties to prevent the mats from snagging on gas pedals and causing unintended acceleration."

The directive comes after Toyota issued a massive recall covering nearly four million 2004 to 2010 Toyota and Lexus vehicles. A series of complaints, and one accident where the driver's side floormat became jammed against the car's accelerator, prompted the recall. 

Owners of the affected vehicles have been urged to remove the driver's side floormat from their cars, but thousands of affected cars are sitting on dealer lots, waiting to be bought. And the concern is their new owners won't know about the recall, or will think, since the car is new, that it's been taken care of.

Toyota spokesman Brian Lyon told Automotive News that the decision to use zip ties to secure the mats was made in consultation with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. "We have reviewed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration what we're calling a semipermanent floor mat installation process, and we're providing these instructions to our dealers," Lyons told Automotive news. "This allows dealers to continue selling and delivering both new and used vehicles."

If you already own one of the recalled vehicles, you should continue to leave the floor mats out of the car, and take the car to the dealer for the fix.

Jalopnik comments, "Although we always knew either duct tape or zip ties would save us all from fiery death, but we'd love to see some proof in the way of the ‘mat installation process' from a Toyota dealership."

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