GM Contest: Name a Color, Win a Chevy Volt Test Drive

Posted: Oct 23, 2009 11:11 a.m.

Sangria Red Pearl.  Mocha Steel Metallic.  Black Mica Slate. 

Sometimes we think they name car colors with a short list of words taped to the wall and a dart.

It must be a challenge, though.  Some of these colors don't exactly inspire a flood of adjectives.  Take the muted gray used on the Chevy Volt prototype auto enthusiasts have been seeing for nearly a year now.  It's...well...it's gray.  It's a safe choice, since various shades of gray and silver now make up nearly a quarter of the vehicles sold in the United States.  But it's not exactly a pulse-quickener. Chevrolet, however, would like it to sound exciting.

Autoblog reports, "Now, GM has announced a contest to give the distinct color a distinct name."  The company is soliciting suggestions from fans.  GM designers will pick three finalists, then post a poll on a company website where readers "can vote for the winner from Nov. 16-Dec. 1." The company will fly three finalists to Los Angeles for the announcement of the winner at the L.A. auto show. That winner then becomes "one of the first people in the world -- outside of GM -- to test drive a pre-production Volt."

Submit your ideas at www.chevroletvoltage.com between now and November 4.

Entries will be judged, Motor Trend reports, on "originality, creativity, and ability to capture the Chevrolet spirit."

To guide your thinking: in a video posted to the contest website, a Chevrolet colorist explains that the shade is actually applied in two layers - the first a silver, the second a subtle green, with a layer of clearcoat over both. We're going with "this thing better work or taxpayers will want their money back grey pearl mica."

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