Study: Women Don't Park As Well As Men

Posted: Dec 28, 2009 10:20 a.m.

We’ve all heard the jokes about women drivers. But until now, we’ve never seen much scientific proof that women are actually worse drivers than men. Women, prepare to defend yourselves -- According to the U.K’s Telegraph, a German study shows men can park faster and more accurately than the fairer sex.

Conducted by German-based Ruhr University professor Dr. Claudia Wolf -- note that she’s a woman, so you can put aside any suspicions of bias -- the study included 65 subjects who were asked to park an Audi A6. The men and women were timed and tested for accuracy in head-on, reverse and parallel parking maneuvers. The result: Men parked the A6 an average of 20 seconds faster than women. In addition, they parked the car closer to the center of the spot.

While men may see this as proof that they’re simply better drivers, the results may have less to do with their abilities and more to do with genetics. The Telegraph reports: “While the researchers expected the women volunteers to be slower, they were surprised to find that the cautious approach did not lead to a tidier final result,” and adds, “the research confirmed previous findings that men have better co-ordination and spatial awareness than women, and take more risks behind the wheel.”

Of course, it would be unfair to apply such a small study to the whole of female drivers. Autoblog is skeptical: “We're not sure that a study of 65 random test subjects is a big enough sample to definitively say that men are better parkers than women, but the test does give guys a small feather to stick in their caps nonetheless. We'd suggest not bragging about it to your wives and girlfriends, though, because that could lead to... unpleasantness.”

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