Toyota Giving Dealers Cash to "Do The Right Thing" For Customers

Posted: Feb 04, 2010 11:10 a.m.

Toyota owners, listen up. If your local dealership hasn’t answered your concerns about the recent safety recalls over potentially faulty accelerator pedals and slipping floor mats, don’t give up asking. Toyota’s corporate leadership has given dealers extra resources for dealing with customer problems.

The Detroit News reports, “Toyota Motor Corp. is giving U.S. dealers payments of up to $75,000 to help win back customers' trust in the wake of a massive safety recall.” The company has asked dealers to use the funds in whatever way necessary to help restore customer confidence. In a letter to dealers, Toyota Group Vice President Bob Carter says the funds might be useful for “extending service hours and providing car washes and other services. He also suggested other measures, like additional hires to help with recall repairs, mobile repair services, dedicated recall service lanes and complimentary oil changes.”

Motor Trend obtained a copy of the letter to dealers. It reads, in part, “Within the next several days, you will receive a check from us (no strings attached) with a simple request -- 'do the right thing on behalf of Toyota customers.’”

Some dealers may use the funds to provide rental cars for customers whose Toyotas have are in for the recall-related repairs. The San Diego Union-Tribune reports, “Dealers received word yesterday that Toyota will pay for a one-day car rental, if a car owner requests it, for vehicles recalled for the gas-pedal problem. Service managers at several dealerships said Toyota could expand that coverage to include cars in the floor-mat recall. 

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